Mary Mary To Bring ‘The Sound’ On New CD

mary_mary_the_sound.jpgPrepare to get your praise on next month with the release of Mary Mary's latest album The Sound. The duo's fourth release will find them serving up a hearty helping of the R&B and soul-flavored gospel tunes that they are known for with a dash of jazz and electronica thrown in to spice it up. Also adding some seasoning to their gospel gumbo is outspoken rapper David Banner who digs deep on the tune "Superfriend." Stay tuned for my interview with Erica and Tina Campbell in the coming weeks where they tell me about his involvement on the record and share more about their ministry of music. Peep The Sound's tracklist after the bounce to see what else the talented twosome have in store.

Mary Mary The Sound tracklist:

1. Intro featuring Deborah Joy Imani Winans

2. The Sound

3. Get Up

4. Superfriend featuring David Banner

5. God In Me featuring Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard

6. Boom

7. I'm Running

8. Forgiven Me

9. Dirt

10. Seattle

11. I Worship You

12. It Will All Be Worth It

Mary Mary [Official][MySpace]
The Sound Available on 10/21 [Amazon]

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13 Responses

  1. I look forward to your interview with them Butta....and BTW can you ask them about their worklout plan, they look Great!

  2. yes yes YES! can't wait! I own all three previous albums and liked each one better than the one before..although I too can't wait to find out the inspiration behind the david banner collaboration....

  3. I can't wait for this album. I love their music. It's definitely an inspiration for the soul.

  4. I can't wait. I'm loving their current single.
    David Banner, though. I mean, even though he is my imaginary baby daddy and all, I'm scared of how he may sound with the Campbell sisters.
    Um, Erica is getting too skinny though. Her head looks huge. Still love her though.

  5. You cant win souls by using a person that obviously is not repersenting Christ in any of his music. That questions who YOU Rep.. U lost me on the David Banner.tip. WE ARE NOT PLEASE.. And i know God is probably saying the same thing. REAL TALK. God bless. Stand for whats Chirst LIke Nomatter What!!!!!!

  6. Its a Sad day when Chirstian Artist have to use those that dont REP Christ, and Put them on OUR STUFF just to sale CD's.. GET IT TOGETHER WOMEN OF GOD .. FORREAL!!!.. Thats not how We when souls or did yall forget THE CALL!

  7. This CD is HOT!!!! I see all of the haters talking about David Banner...but if you can get a worldly artist to talk about how he praises and worships God in a song...I'm fine with that. Everybody want to complain about the Rap music and it's negative influence, but when the rap artists does something positive...the people that are not supposed to be judgemental, are the first to judge them. Put down your Hateraid and say something positive about the artists. As hard as it is to find GOOD Gospel music, I can only thank God for this album!

  8. i honestly think all of you are out of order.. none of us know David Banner personally.. so we dont know what his relationship with God is.. and i can recall seeing a few programs where david banner has mentioned his faith in GOD.. this is where we fail as Christians!!
    Judging people all the time... you all should feel horrible.. obviously they know him enough to ask him to be on their project!

  9. Thank you, km. David Banner, over the past few years, has revealed himself to be extremely intelligent, positive, and ethical. I think he's in moving in a new direction musically as the public starts to realized this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Your creativity in gospel music is an inpiration to me. keep it up and God bless you.

  11. I love you both with the Love of Christ. You be bless and continue to minister through song. We will cross paths and again thank you for your inspiration through songs. God bless you and all you have.

  12. I'm QUITE CURIOUS to hear about David Banner's involvement with "Superfriend"... Lots of questions...