Morning Soul: Come On Shortie If You Think You Can Roll

  • Stevie's still Wonder-ful!  He's up next for the very prestigious Gershwin Prize. [BB]
  • From Wonder-ful to Wonder bread, Britney's up next to kick off the VMAs this week. Yawn. Wake me if she misses a lip sync. [People]
  • From Wonder bread to Wonder-um, bra, Samuel L. Jackson wanted more "titties" in his new movie. Well, alrighty then. [SH]
  • From Wonder-bra to Wonder-why, Beyoncé covers Marie Claire, but not much new ground as the mag interviews her for their October issue. [MC]
  • And then there's this, which makes me wonder if people at VIBE even care about good music anymore.  Sit down, Ciara. [SR]

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6 Responses

  1. Didnt Britney open up last time?Oh how unforgettable.

  2. Why the hell is Beyowulf is acting like she wrote Irreplaceable? Neyo already said she aint write a note.

  3. That Toya track used to be my jam! I still love it.

  4. I love this song by Toya. Awesome song. Great sass. And she keeps her clothes on! SHe's gorgeous and this song is just....Thanks for the throwback 🙂

  5. @ Fullcomplexity:
    I think Toya went back to school. (I believe medical...) She had a baby and she's married now. I don't think she's doing music anymore, sadly. She has a MySpace to communicate with her old fans, but I forget the URL.


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