Morning Soul: Where The World’s Heading Nobody Knows

  • En Vogue is back together. Like, for real. [NB]
  • Hidden Beach is on Team Obama, and they put together a compilation album for your listening pleasure. Don't mind the price; it's for a good cause. [HB]
  • Amy Winehouse is struggling to record her next album. Is anybody really shocked about this? Didn't think so. [SR]
  • Has George Michael been hanging out with Ames? He got busted for crack and weed possession last Friday; apologized to fans on Sunday. [Y!]
  • Hey, hey, LA! There's still time to enter our Little Jackie and J*DaVeY concert ticket giveaway. [SB]

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2 Responses

  1. Hey there. Great video. That's really cool. It's right up the alley of what I'm into. I love your blog a lot.

  2. The orignal line up of En vouge? it's about damn time! I guess proverty has a way of making folk forget the pass:) I am mos def gonna support any project with my original honey dips who had a brotha wide open:)