Morning Soul: Feel It

  • OK, Solange, you can sit down now. Beyoncé is coming back like gangbusters this November. [BB]
  • Usher is pregnant again. [ITW]
  • Lupe Fiasco plans to hang up the mic after his third album is released next year. [TRU]
  • The lead singer of Color Me Badd probably won't be singing "I Wanna Sex You Up" in jail after getting locked up for domestic violence. [SR]
  • After getting cast as The Last Pharaoh, now Will Smith is rumored to be up for the role of Captain America. [WH]
  • Yo, NYC Bouncers! There's still time to get your entries in for the Leela James ticket giveaway! [SB]

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3 Responses

  1. I really think it is selfish of Beyonce to droop her record in November when her sister's just dropped and is struggling. She knows hers is going to overshadow Solange's- why not give lil sis a chance? B could drop hers in the spring of '09 to give people a chance to get into the groove of Sol-Angel.....

  2. DLS77, the entertainment biz is just that....a bizness, and I doubt Columbia wants Beyonce to wait ANY longer to release new material (i.e. make them buckets and buckets of cash in sales). I also doubt that she wants to wait around any longer; she might miss getting her shine on and performing for the Stan Nation.
    All in all, Solange seems to 'want' a fair shot; she wants to be 'out' of her sister's shadow. So how do you do that? Release your record in the same quarter (or not) as your sis and DARE the market to favor her album sales. LOL. Or not. Nothing's fair in this; it's the price they pay (make it or don't), but I betcha' guaran-damn-tee ya Solo's not hurting (financially) at all.
    Good luck to both women.

  3. Ya'll really are showing the 'White Soul' artists love this week: Robin, Jon B. and now Remy!!