New Videos From Joell Ortiz, Rapper Big Pooh, Pacific Division & Butta Verses

This week brought a gang of new hip hop videos to the net, and here's the roundup of some of the better ones. Up first is Joell Ortiz with an entertaining and thought-provoking video just as dope as the song. Next up is Rapper Big Pooh with the homies Joe Scudda and Chaundon partying it up with their plastic cups. Pacific Division holds it down with a video that mixes concert footage and clips of the group making their way around town. And last is rapper Butta Verses coming at you next live and direct from a cemetery, but it's actually not as macabre as it sounds. Enjoy this healthy dose of chicken soup for the hip hop lover's soul.

Joell Ortiz: "Memories"

Rapper Big Pooh feat. Chaundon & Joe Scudda: "Plastic Cups"

Pacific Division: "Taste"

Butta Verses feat. Lucian: "If I Die"

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3 Responses

  1. The song listed for Big Pooh isnt Raheem Devaugh would say "Try again" 🙂

  2. @stoneyisland
    Negro, what are you talkin about? The song title is fine. And next time instead of tryna call folks out in public, send an email if something needs to be corrected, which it didn't in this case.

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