Ne-Yo & Jamie ‘Own’ Up to Impressive ‘Independent’ Remix

I'm almost never impressed these days when artists send stuff out to the masses claiming they have a remix to one of their original tracks when, in fact, it's usually merely a simple addition of a rapper to the original mix. Which equals nothing really "different" at all. I promise, it's gotten to the point where I usually take a three-second listen, and if I hear the same beat, I click the Stop button on the spot. That's certainly not the case today, as Ne-Yo has done a true remix to his hit song "Miss Independent" in the form of the track "She's Got Her Own." The track features Jamie Foxx and rapper Fabolous, and slows down the pace of the original, no doubt targeting the grown and sexy demographic. Yes, I know, I'm not a fan of Fabolous either (to be fair, though, I have a slight disgust for all rappers who choose not to spell correctly), but he doesn't damage the song that much. I think I'm so caught up in applauding a true remix that I can get past whatever it is he's saying. To add to the package, a video surfaced over the weekend, in all its black & white glory, showcasing both Jamie on the piano and various independent ladies for our viewing pleasure. Sure, it's not Gabrielle or Lauren from the original, but really, that's the point.  It's a remix.  For real, this time!  Check the clip below and give us your thoughts.

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9 Responses

  1. the cameos. But did Jamie "increase the gap in his front teeth to look more "street"?

  2. IThank Ne Yo for reconizing and honoring the independent woman, young or old. But if i had the choose to choice which video I like best, I'd have to say I like the original more better.

  3. I haven't heard a decent remix in a while.

  4. This remix is one of the best ones I've heard in a while...and I don't feel Ne-Yo at all...
    Jamie did the gap for a movie...The Soloist - out in November...

  5. I like it and I'm pretty indifferent to Ne-Yo. I could've done without Fabolous because Jamie and Ne-Yo worked a nice duet.

  6. humm. Was this really necessary though? I'm slightly embarrassed for liking the original now. To be fair, I loathe Jamie Foxx lol....

  7. Jill from the girlfriends fame got it for me. That's all I needed to see. to like this joint!

  8. I absolutely love this song. I have had it on constant play since I've heard it....I do like the video for the original better, but this one works for the song. love it!

  9. I really liked this.It's refreshing to finally hear a true remix.I don't remember the last time I did.


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