Norman Whitfield (1943-2008)


Temptations and Motown producer Norman Whitfield dies [NME]
Norman Whitfield [AMG]


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3 Responses

  1. So Long My brilliant Producer, you were the Best, you knew how to get the magic out of me! and put it on record.

  2. Norman Whitfield. As a producer he pushed the Motown machine into the 70s. When Barry Gordy, Smokey and Holland- dozier -Holand were trying to figure out how to truly capture the black frustration and the black power sound .... while at the same time keep it musical Motown Norman put it down and set the standard.
    It would be nice if Soulbaunce could draw a comparison between the artists and producers of the past. Who is the Y2K version of people like Norman, HDH, Quincy, Spector, Hammond? Compare them at the same ages. If you look at that picture of Norman ...... he reminds me of someone currently producing. I just cant think WHO.

  3. Very sad news. A truly mighty and singular talent.