People Under The Stairs Dream of Expat Status In ‘The Wiz’

I have often longed to join the flocks of Americans who have uprooted themselves from their familiar environs to set out to live in faraway lands. Having been seriously considering becoming an expatriate myself lately, I now have Australia to add to the list of lands that I can dream of residing. In "The Wiz," People Under The Stairs Thes One and Double K not only rhyme about visiting the native kiwis Aussies down under, but they got to shoot the video there as well. And just in time to coincide with the release of their new album Fun DMC which becomes available today. And let me be the first to tell you that not only will the beat of this song set you adrift on a memory of bliss, but the visuals that accompany this video are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy.

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4 Responses

  1. Aren't kiwis from New Zealand and Aussies from Australia?
    Aw, I was lucky enough to visit "Oz" in the 90s, so this takes me back. Rap seemingly was just catching fire there-- kids watching "Colors" and listening to NWA. Glad to see that HipHop still gets love down under.
    With this here economy, resigned to watching vids of exotic locales and staycations is how I roll now. Sniff.

  2. This video just had me kickin' back, smilin' and nodding my head. Nice.

  3. respect for puttin the video up - but i am from Sydney Australia...... yeh Sydney is nice for a holiday - but its BORING as hell to live in. Send me to New York anyday. People are racist in Australia.

  4. Diggin' the vibe of this video. The melodic flavor, the summertime hustle of it all. Will have to keep my eyes on these two cats. Good looks SB.


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