Tank Has ‘Luv’ For the Shorties

Clearly, this is "TGT Appreciation Day" here at SoulBounce, as new music from the former members of the "supergroup" has been surfacing back-to-back. Not to be outdone by his former boss Ginuwine, crooner Tank is back with the track "I Luv It," a slowed-down ode to the "shorties" out there. Nice. No word on when a new album will be completed, but in the meantime, enjoy this collaboration with The Underdogs while we search the net for anything something new from third TGT member Tyrese. You know, in the interest of fairness. [H/T: CL]

Tank: "I Luv It"

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2 Responses

  1. I'm actually loving this. My bad ... luving. 😉

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    Tank is cool, good voice, good songs, good writer and consistent but all of the stuff that comes out of that camp sounds the same, same vocal cadences, same tracks, same harmonies etc. If you've heard one Damon Thomas/underdogs track you've heard the all