Wale & Mark Ronson Have the ‘Magic’ Touch

Earlier today Harlem aired out one of his remix beefs -- a remix consisting only of the addition of a few tired bars from a random rapper -- and I was over here "amening" and waving my church fan in full agreement. So you can imagine the groan that escaped from my throat when I saw a link to the remix of the remix to Robin Thicke's "Magic" featuring Mary J. Blige with Wale in my inbox. But then I listened to the Mark Ronson production and, by golly, I was pleasantly surprised. Ronson flipped the script and replaced the original track with a go-go-esque beat and made the horns a focal point alongside pumped-up percussion, and Wale's verses flowed perfectly on it. Now this is a remix.

Robin Thicke feat. Mary J. Blige & Wale: "Magic" (Mark Ronson Remix)

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9 Responses

  1. Love it! Now THAT is def a remix.

  2. Thank god Mark was smart enough not to go the typical stale gogo route..because if it were the typical pots and bucket sounding gogo I'd be pissed. YAY Mark!!!

  3. Brave is the man or woman that here's that in a club or at a party and gets on the floor to dance to that. I could SO groove to that with the right partner!! Thats what a hot dance track is to me. A groove that changes the mood of a whole evening. I LOVE IT.

  4. That is really cool. It's definitely got a good beat that I could dance to. Great job they all did.

    Getting more afrobeat than go-go. And some Stax too. Or The Meters.
    Did I mention that DIS JONT CRANK?

  6. I second Stylus on the afrobeat/Memphis feel to this, rather than go-go. But I'm digging it.

  7. LOL, I heard the first sung verse and said "What the hell's wrong with Robin's falsetto?", then realized That's Just Mary. D'oh. Morning coffee's not kicked in yet.
    Yah, agree w/ Stylus. Feels like afrobeat to me. Is that because the horns are more melodic than stabbing/hitting accents like go-go?
    Either way, my head's nodding!

  8. LOL@ Stylus. Yup, yup. Agreed. Hot!


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