What’s the Most Played-Out Trend in Hip Hop and R&B Right Now?

Cool_Kids.jpgCalm down, children! This is one of our least-intense Soul Polls ever. Occasionally, we can spark serious discourse about music or provide you with a platform to just poke a little good-natured fun. Today's poll would be the latter. If forced to choose, what would you consider the most played-out trend in Hip Hop and R&B right now? We're not talking about the stuff we've been railing against for the past 5 or 10 years, just the recent things that already seem to be peaking. The choices follow after the bounce. Again, we're doing this one for kicks and giggles.

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27 Responses

  1. I was thinking the "how-to" dance hip hop songs, but auto-tune is definately played-out and annoying!

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    1. The word "swagger"
    2. Men wearing scarfs and too tight jeans
    3. Arpergiator synths Ala Tmberfakes (My love)
    4. The 808 drum machine sounds
    5. Auto-Tune pitch correction
    6. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince CLONES
    7. All R&B albums only consisting of songs and production from -> Stargate, Brian Cox, The Dream, The Clutch, The Underdogs, Timbaland, Danja and Sean Garret..oh yeah the Austin guy don't know how to spell his first name.
    8. R&B "singers" who cant actually sing: Rhiana, Ciara, Keri Hilson etc, etc, etc
    9. Throw back "soul" singers that feel because the are "different" and do not follow the trends of todays music that they deserve some sort of special billing or recognition.
    10. Hating ass blogers giving their opinion as if it matters. : )

  3. The most played out trend? Measuring an artist's potential or music based on first-week sales, Billboard chart positions, radio spins, etc. And I'm sorry, I blame the blogs for exacerbating this trend.

  4. Ok, this just got a little less fun. Need funny commenter STAT!

  5. my vote is for Auto-tune, but damn if Mutada al sader the king didn't hit it on the head! I like Brian Michael Cox productions though, and while The Dream is a guilty pleasure of mine--he's trying to channel Prince --which is also on the list, lol.

  6. Can we switch out Lil Wayne for Jay-Z in #5? If I hear him do any more "bars" on someone esle's song, I'm going to scream. Enough with being the "Hook Master!

  7. The Brian Michael Cox melodic-piano-over-phony beats ballads with the double-time vocals (AKA half of Mary J's last album) need to stop. I'm also tired of all the trends listed above, but the worst is the Motown stuff. What's the point of replicating the Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas when both groups did a hundred songs that sounded exactly alike? Sure, it's trendy, but it won't bring longevity. What's Amy Winehouse going to do now... seriously? If she comes with the same ish, it will be tired. If she switches it up, people won't be interested. And that Duffy chick is just plain wackness.

  8. Also, having T-Pain or Akon on somebody's song is just.....migraine-inducing!

  9. I've been on a total Stax kick lately, going back and getting my hands on as much Stax material and material from bands that were on Stax and put out stuff on other labels...
    with that preface....
    Not only is Autotune the most played out, but it also makes hip hop and all of mainstream music (rock included), seem so ridiculously pathetic. People are going to look back on this current era of music as the time when the mainstream machine decided that marketing an image was way more important than pushing people with talent.
    T-Pain and Akon couldn't sing their way out of a wet paper bag without autotune. Get me out of the wayback machine when someone with some vocal chops actually gets played on the radio. Until then, more Sam & Dave for me.

  10. And maybe this was in a previous version of this poll, but P Diddy has and continues to be played out. He'd get my vote if autotune wasn't on the list.

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    Hip Hop/Rap
    1. The phrase "At the end of the day" being used by every rap artists in an interview.
    2. Words like -> "Shawty", "Purp", "Patron", "Swag", etc.
    3. The "chopped and screwed" vocal sound
    4. Generating false "beef" to sell records
    5. Old Heads hating on younger artists because they are irrelevant.
    6. Hipster artists feeling that because they do not follow the trends and subject matter of "mainstream" artists that they are some how immune to criticism.
    7. Quality of production. We go from production like (Chronic 2001, Anything from DJ Quik, Kanye's first and second album) to "A Millie" and countless other FL Studio "Beats"
    8. Over Compressed, Harsh Digital Recording, bad mixing and mastering ->(Lack of sound quality )
    9. Rappers getting jacked for their fake chains
    10. Washed up rapper putting out records and still pretending they are the best.. Camel

  12. All these throwback albums. I'm over them and no I won't be purchasing Mr. Saadiq's project either.

  13. Cant believe the top answer or response wasn't the senseless beef between rappers. Can someone explain to me how if 50 cent rabbit tooth ass has beef with Game, everyone on his label better have beef with the game?!? that is some 3rd grade bullshit......I also think tight pants and dudes trying to be sexier then females in their videos is played the hell out.......I mean i'm just sying:) and what would my top 3 be without that grembling looking, no chin having Lil Wayne? I swear if I hear him on one more song with ANYBODY, I am gonna snap...and while we at it I am sick of brothers looking unkept, with nappy ass afros, and men over 30 with braids in their hair, somebody tell T-pain to take a shower, dude always looks like a homelsss dude with sunglasses on......I could go on but I digress:)

  14. I always found it kind of annoying when they spell out words in a track...I KNOW HOW TO SPELL, DAMNIT!! So get to sayin' somethin' substantial already!! But yeah...that's just me...hehe...


  16. Most of you covered it all for me...

  17. 1.Auto Tune
    2 Music Store Beats
    3 The word "Swagger"
    4 And most of all producers and artists saying or yelling their names. NEW MISSY!! KEISHA!! DARKCHILD!!!

  18. i'ma go ahead and say it's corny nicknames like "r&b hippie neo-soul rockstar" (Raheem DeVaughn) or "cool weirdo" (Peter Hadar) or whatever other dumb labels r&b/soul artists are giving themselves these days. just make the damn music, and let it be that. the music should speak for itself. really!

  19. 1) The N word
    2) Rapping/Talking with a potty mouth and then thanking God for everything
    3) Claiming on the track how you got this that and the other gurl when you in rl you have a wife and kids at home
    4) Making a 3 minute song with a repeating chorus which in the end ends up being a 1 minute song. Write a real song people
    thats if for now..,but o there is more

  20. The continued theme that permeates male songs...seems like every male singer or rapper is smooth enough to go to the club and leave with another mans woman who isnt treating her right. *rollin eyes*
    People becoming mega superstars because of style, not because they actually have talent.
    Oh and almost every song written by Ne-Yo thats sung by a girl, sounds the same. I'ma need him, as well as Brian Michael Cox, to switch it up.
    T-Pain lookin like a ghetto leprechaun, circus ring master

  21. I am SOOOOOOO Glad somebody is as tired as I am of the word "swagger". Thank you!

  22. I actually think that T-Pain is a talented artist. Too bad he couldn't put a patent on autotune so others couldn't use it. It's ran into the ground now.

  23. My top pet peeves in music now.
    Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne, Lil wayne- I'm tired on seeing and hearing him on everyone, i mean, everyone's track. He is the new T-Pain, the new Akon, the new Pharrell
    Auto tune- everyone is using it, even Kanye. I've been saying for the last year or so that Roger Troutman must be turning in his grave listening to everyone use the Auto tune.
    80's music revival- i have a love/hate relationship with it. You name it everyone is using beats that Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls and every other 80's synth rock band used back in the day.
    amy winehouse influence- i'm tired of everyone trying to copy her now (hello solange, sol angel or whatever she calls herself). everybody is talking about how there different from what everyone is doing, but in the same breath jumping the hottest trend.

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    2) Rapping/Talking with a potty mouth and then thanking God for everything
    Co-Sighn 2,589,789,892 %
    "I'm blessed" " This was Gods plan" "I aint gonna block my blessing" ...Yes it was God who enabled you to sell 1 million copies of an album that glorifies Murder, Fornication, Drug use, Violence against women, and what not. I love this one. LOL

  25. Lacefronts are definately played out.
    Women with the piercings in their navels (or anywhere else besides the ears) in played.

  26. Auto-tune is the worst. Wayne, Jay and Kanye have taken it to far. I will happy to see it gone.

  27. Y'all didn't have to use the Cool Kids pic like that; I like them and they aren't hipsters. That's the label that everyone has given to them, SMH. The "hipster" label is what you should really be annoyed by, not the guys who are labeled that, cause most of them make better music than these other guys out right now.
    Anyway, I voted for the auto-tuner, this sh!t is getting out of hand.