Who Is It That You ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Of? Kenny Lattimore or Tamia?

kenny_lattimore_tamia.JPG Our week-long Battle of the Beats series is coming to an end on a sexy note -- with a battle of the sexes, no less. Representing for the fellas is the dapper Kenny Lattimore and holding it down for the honies is the lovely Tamia, and their songs "Can't Get Enough" are up for discussion.
Kenny's "Can't Get Enough" was one of the standout tracks -- and there were many -- on the stellar Love Jones soundtrack. Tamia's "Can't Get Enough" can be found on her last release, Between Friends, which was her finest album to date. Both songs pack a serious punch and both vocalists put in work  on their respective tracks. Kenny sings of not getting enough of his lady in general, while Tamia sings about not being able to get enough of her man in the bedroom. I love Kenny, but I'm gonna have to ride with Team Freckle on this one.

So now that you know my choice, which song is it that you can't get enough of?

Kenny Lattimore: "Can't Get Enough"

Tamia: "Can't Get Enough"

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15 Responses

  1. I'll have to go with Tamia. It's melodic, shows off her voice, and packs the oomph factor. Nice.

  2. LOVE this one from Tamia! She's got my vote.
    Great battle. Hell, great week! 🙂

  3. Team Tamia all the way. I can't wait for her live album to come out.

  4. I love Kenny's "Can't Get Enough"

  5. Tamia is OK with me, but Kenny wins this battle in my book! His version is a decade old, but still holds tight in the head-to-head. Tamia's sounds dated and it's brand new.

  6. Kenny all the way! Love that song so much!!!!

  7. Tamia's album is called Between Friends.

  8. Thanks @ vixenchick. It's been corrected.

  9. Mmm...the Tamia version DEFINITELY. *fans self*
    That is all.

  10. LOL @ Team Freckle. Gotta go with Kenny on this one. Had a little head nod on it.

  11. Avatar

    Kenny all day
    For the me some Tamia and I'm not really talking about her music.."Stranger" was a banger though : )

  12. Wish Ya'll woulda made it a 3 way thing with Mary J.'s 'Can't Get Enough' that one was too dope...but for these, me no like either song so I guess I'll go with Tamia! =)

  13. Team Tamia all the way over here. I love "Between Friends." I don't think she gets enough props either...Alot of people being sleeping on her talent. Her voice is amazing.

  14. Kenny is the king of BBM, Babay Makin' Music