Whose Songs Would You Like to Hear Come Out of ‘The Vault’?

ashanti_sept08.jpgA while ago it was revealed that Ashanti will be releasing an album of unheard songs written in 2001, before she was signed with Murder Inc. and catapulted to fame after singing hooks for Ja Rule. Instead of just releasing these songs as they were recorded then, the twelve tracks have been retouched in order to give them viability in today's market. The list of contributing contemporary producers includes Miguel "Migs" Baeza, Steven White and Nocko. The first single, "Let's Do Something Crazy," includes recently added verse by Flo-Rida, Lord of the Ringtones.

This development would be more yawn-inducing and irrelevant to SoulBounce if it wasn't so frustrating in its exemplification of how record sales dictate which music is unleashed into the masses, and how labels will unflinchingly bypass talent for revenue. Forget the treasure trove of fresh music by great new artists eagerly awaiting distribution, just imagine how many more interesting established artists have vaults of great songs worthy of reworking and releasing today. The prospects are almost mind-boggling.

Let's do a little fantasizing this Monday morning. If you were given unlimited access to an archive of unreleased songs, whose catalog would you raid? Who else's musical vault would you love to hear compiled into an album?

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16 Responses

  1. Donny Hathaway
    Al Green
    Teena Marie

  2. I would raid vaults of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dru Hill, New Edition, Jon B., Workshy, Jamiroquai, Jafrosax, Glenn Lewis, Madlib, Musiq Soulchild, Jazzin Park, Incognito...let's just say there would be a LOT of raided vaults!

  3. - Lauryn Hill. You know she's gotta have some unreleased gems from "Miseducation" somewhere, besides "world is a hustle".
    - Jodeci. I don't care if they've gone batsh*t crazy. I LOVE them.

  4. Dilla of course.
    one more vote for Donny.
    Stevie (another *duh* vote)

  5. I'm gonna have to say... Erro.

  6. parliament
    janet's got some killer b-sides (and probably some other stuff) that deserve to be officially released.
    prince (additionally, when is Warner Bros. gonna do a complete reissue/remaster program on his catalog? it's way overdue.)
    any of the major philadelphia international artists (the o'jays, teddy pendergrass . . .)
    the isley brothers
    earth, wind & fire
    oh, and the roots. you know questo's got a ton of stuff tucked away . . .

  7. Janet Jackson - Some of her B-Sides make her album tracks sound like demos. Plus, Damita Jo orignally had a completely different tracklisting before the Superbowl, and I would like to hear that.
    Stevie Wonder - exhibit A
    If that doesn't make you want new Stevie, you must hate music.

  8. Erro
    Madonna ( already have a ton of demo's and several songs from the ROL sessions)

  9. Van Hunt---His last album has not been released.

  10. Glenn Lewis, Faith Evans, Floetry,
    Tweet (*she said in an interview she did a duet with Whitney Houston that never got released), Mary J. Blige, Talib Kweli, Musiq, India.arie, Common, Definitely Al Green & Stevie Wonder

  11. this requires some thought, but off the top of my head, a definite DEFINITE vote goes to Donny Hathaway..

  12. Yes I would have to give it to Donny and Stevie, Minnie, And I love some Shuggie, Chic, someone read my on Glenn Lewis, Nina Simone and Whitney Houston

  13. I would love to know what gems are in the Motown, Stax & Philly International vaults. Artist wise, I bet the Prince, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Rick James, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones vaults are sick.

  14. Obvious choice out the way 1st - Stevie Wonder. Also Lauryn Hill MUST have recorded some gems in the years she has been away!! Miseducation was one of the BEST albums ever, so imagine what classics didn't make the final cut!
    Also my personal favourites ... Floetry. Dosn't look like we will ever get any new material, so I will have to 'make do' with stuff from there vaults!
    (P.S. any news on Marsha's solo joint???)