Would You Trust a Man that Once Wore His Hair Like This? [Updated With Flex Rant!]

goldenshowerkelly.jpgHopefully this will bring an end to the long national nightmare called The R. Kelly Verdict Pontification Parade, but it won't end his career, unforch. Recently, The R. went to the most trusted news source on cable television to talk about the case for the first and last time. It makes sense that he would talk to BET, since this is the very network that has enabled his buffoonery since this whole mess began. It could be argued that they practically handed R. that tall glass of iced tea that made him eventually "go."

But several questions remain. I've always loved Touré's writing but as an on-screen interviewer, especially since becoming part of Lack of Entertainment Television, it seems as if he's afraid to "go there." Who's "Drinking the Kool-Aid" now? I mean, regardless of the verdict, R.'s penchant for little girls is legendary, self-documented fact. We look to some of our favorite Internet haunts for their thoughts on this not-so-revealing interview after the bounce.

FourFour's Rich:

Throughout, Robert used his not-guilty ruling to explain away everything ("If you was charged with somethin', and you were found innocent, then you can't be found guilty for bein' found innocent," was one of several gems). It ended with him basically refusing to answer Toure's questions. "A lot was taken away. That's a 2+2. So you gotta just...I gotta end it right there, man...this interview will never happen again." At least he wasn't lying about that. It couldn't happen again. It already did!

The highlight came early on when Toure asked him point blank about young girls. Toure didn't pull out the hard-nosed follow-ups that he could have ("What about in 'She's Got That Vibe,' when you said, 'Little cute Aaliyah's got it?'" "What about when you married her at 14 two years later?"), but I think he did a decent enough job. Certainly, R. Kelly's eagerness to evade the question said more than his words.

MissInfo points us in the direction of Jennifer Vineyard's "Questions That Weren't Asked":

If multiple people have blackmailed Kelly, who were they? What were they blackmailing him about? What happened?

What is the exact relationship that Kelly has with his goddaughter -- who allegedly appears with him in the sex tape at the center of the trial -- then and now? If nothing has ever happened between them, as the singer claims, why did she not come forward and say so?

Did he ask her to testify? Did he ask any members of her family to testify?

He's alleged to have paid for her family's European vacations, cars and boarding school costs. Did he? Does he still support any of her family members financially in any way, as an employer or otherwise? Does he provide a residence for her or her parents, as has been claimed?

What exactly was Kelly's relationship with Aaliyah?

Did Kelly ever tape sexual encounters?

Whatever the case, the Black media continues to be snowed by R. Kelly's so-called talent and genius while secretly vowing to never bring their daughters around him. Or perhaps many of them are just afraid of the dude, because he's amassed enough antics and questionable quotes over the years to indicate he might be certifiable. Like this:

"I know people are out to get me because I'm very vulnerable, especially during a seven-year trial."

R., the only place you're going to find sympathy is between "shit" and "syphilis" in the dictionary.

UPDATE: Check out Funkmaster Flex getting in R.'s ish. We're so glad this dude isn't third-eye blind like the rest of these industry cats.


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6 Responses

  1. This guy is like most geniuses we know: very talented & gifted but ultimately broken in some fundamental way (see: Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, etc., etc., etc....). It so odd to see so many women give a child molester a pass just 'cuz he can sing good songs about flying and f*cking. SHEESH!!!

  2. By that logic, does Sisqo got a trial coming up that I don't know about? Beware the metallic spray hair.

    (total "oh snap!" moment)

  4. Man f*ck RKelly. FFlex is the truth! LOL

  5. Wow!!!Thank you FunkMaster Flex for speaking it!!!1 It's been going on FOR YEARS with this man...he is SICK! But we all have given him a free pass.....I haven't bought any of his albums in years b/c I didn't want to contribute any money to his lawyer fund, but I still listened to some of his music (hate to admit it).......but he is gross and touched an d needs some real help!!!1 Plus, if you've noticed, his music is startign to go down-hill really downhill....

  6. Flex, thank you as a black man........R. Kelly go kill yourself you child molesting pervert. Lets not forget you were found innocent because the jury couldnt prove the chick in the video was who they thought she was, there was no doubt in the jury that it WAS indeed your black ass on the tape. Again Flex, thanks, please start a boycott of this fools music