Ain’t No Payola in Freestyle, But There’s Still A-Plenty in Commercial Radio!

payola.JPGDo you remember last year when the FCC and radio broadcasters agreed to abide by The Future of Music Coalition's "Rules of Engagement," which sought to end the dirty tactics associated with payola? Remember the way we all laughed and grabbed our bellies at this ridiculous thing, since we all knew it was a crock of sh*t? Well, guess what? The agreement didn't work and payola is here to stay! According to a recent study, the indie labels that would've benefitted from this agreement are still being expected to hand over cash in order to get their stuff played on commercial radio. This means all the local and alternative artists that make way less money than their mainstream counterparts still have virtually no access to airplay. This is really sad and disgusting. [WIRED]

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  1. It is really "sad and disgusting" like you sid NOvaMatic. It's really unfair that you can hear the same 10 craptastical songs in an houlry loop on "mainstream" radio station. It's really gross that the radio stations, at least the Black owned ones, buy into this crap too. I live in Baltimore so we have RadioOne which I repsect on a larger level, but do get frustrated with them on stuff like this. They are a powerful Black owned media company that can totally control the songs they want to why not play more independent or smaller label artists who don't get any spins unless it's on the web or at local, university stations? It's not right, these stations have the power to help change and transform the state of the music industry, but they don't use it..... at the very least they could play some Solange (LOL----i actaually like her album and am surprised that Daddy Knowles hasn't bribed enough people to get it played like her Big Sis's stuff- I guess he doesn't have too much clout)


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