Behind the Groove with Nikka Costa

nikka_costa_fur.jpg It's funny how an artist can take a few years off and return to the scene without skipping a beat. Such is the case with Nikka Costa. Her genre-blending sound caught the ears of soul and rock fans alike when her debut album, Everybody Got Their Something, dropped in 2001. Nikka's music had a little somethin' somethin' for everyone, and she became the darling of Madison Avenue with her commercial-ready tunes. Her sophomore set, can'tneverdidnothin', followed in 2005 with more music to funk the masses up.

Now Nikka is serving up Pebble to a Pearl, which is her most soulful album to date. It's a retro-sounding record, but it doesn't fall into the retro rut like the music of many bandwagon-jumping artists of today has. Costa is no stranger to reaching back and putting a contemporary spin on sounds from eras past. She does this with ease on Pebble to a Pearl with a genuine understanding of the music.

In this latest edition of Behind the Groove, Nikka discusses recording this record, explains why she loves being an independent artist, shares her thoughts on some of her favorite songs and even talks about the inevitable (and lazy) comparisons to artists such as Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Don't get it twisted, Costa is no copycat. She is a likable original and the real thing.

Behind the Groove with Nikka Costa

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Podcast playlist below. All songs by Nikka Costa unless noted.

"Ego" (Instrumental) - Boyz II Men

"Stuck to You"

"Take Off Your Blues" (Instrumental) - The Foreign Exchange

"Can't Please Everybody"

"Pebble to a Pearl"

"Pollution" (Instrumental) - Pieces of Peace

"Love to Love You Less"

"The Boss" (Instrumental) - Pete Rock

"Without Love

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3 Responses

  1. Nice interview. Just saw her live it was ashame how few people were present.

  2. I had the honor of seeing her in Towson this past Sunday. MAN O MAN that lil itty bitty white girl can sang. Even though the venue was half empty the crowd gave it up major. Next time she needs to bring her lil screaming ass to DC where im sure she will have no problem filling the Black Cat

  3. Weird that there's a Nikka Costa post...for some reason over the past couple of weeks I've been getting more and more into her. Out of nowhere and all of a sudden there's just something about her sound to me. And after recently copping Yahzarah's 'The Prelude', I keep wondering how a collaboration with her and Ms. Costa would sound...I'm probably alone in that....anyway just wanted to give this lady some props. She's truly, truly talented. I really figured she would've 'blown up' by now.
    'Bullets In the Sky' from the Pebble to a Pearl album...SO sick!!!!