Bilal Vs. D’Angelo: ‘Can’t Hide Love’ Round Two

bilal-dangelo2.jpgLast month, a Battle of The Beats occurred between Bilal and D'Angelo to determine just whose version of Earth Wind & Fire's "Can't Hide Love" was indeed the best. It pitted D'Angelo's live version against Bilal's studio version with The Randy Watson Experience. The only problem was, and thank you to SquarerootZ for pointing this out, there is a live version of "Can't Hide Love" that features Bilal's take on this classic. So it would only be fair to have you listen and choose between both live versions, no? I'm not going to give you my choice, but I will say the the ante has been upped and the choice will be harder than you think. Good luck!

D'Angelo: "Can't Hide Love" (Live)

Bilal: "Can't Hide Love" (Live)

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32 Responses

  1. Bilal..
    I also like the one he did on EWF Interpretations album.

  2. and the choice will be harder than you think.
    As if!

  3. Bilal...D'angelo's is nice but Bilal's wins hands down...i'm going to listen to it again.

  4. I'm gonna have to go with Bilal.......

  5. I'll have to go with D'Angelo! How can I get that!

  6. D'angelo for the cool factor. Bilal was winning until the last minute.Emotions laid bare...

  7. i like both versions, but because of the fact that im a big D'Angelo Fan, i only love version.

  8. Bilal! Tho I'm a big D'Angelo fan. Gotta give props when props are due.

  9. The whole D'Angelo package was better...,hands down!! And I amd a Bilal fan as well, but D's jus sounds like the song belonged to him and that Bilal was covering D'angelo's song.

  10. I tip my hat to both of them for even touchin a EWF classic

  11. Dangelo's version is IT.. Bilal is great too but he ain't have to do all the DANG SCREAMING to get his point across...

  12. Dangelo's got it.

  13. Okay, so I just assumed that D'Angelo was going to take this hands down. I lke Bilal, but I have just never heard D'Angelo sing something and not make it hot. But I gotta say, and it pains me to do so, but Bilal did his thing on this version.
    D'Angelo WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!! We need you back on the scene

  14. I'm gonna have to go with D'angelo. I'm a huge fan of both, especially Bilal. He has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard. But I felt he slightly over did the song. D'angelo sang it just right. Two thumbs up to both for singing an EWF song. Not many can pull it off.

  15. D'angelo. I heart Bilal, but was not a fan of this cover.

  16. Easily D'Angelo. Ah done talk.

  17. Wow...props to ill Mami for even mentioning my name...let alone even reading my comment. Don't worry though, not gonna be all Stan about...
    Y'all already know how I feel on this battle. D'Angelo is always incredible, even when off the scene and there is a certain cool factor to his version. There is something to be said about a laid back, polished approach to this classic. His version uber conveys this to me and I feel like I'm in the presence of one of the greats that is trying to touch my soul, but in a sanitized way. Bilal's cover just has a raw emotion, screams and all, that makes me think I'm actually standing down front in a smoky lounge or jazz club looking up at the stage, trying to catch one of the back-up singers eye while I'm rockin' back and forth, sipping on my Corona with the crucial two limes...wait that DID happen.......and that why it wins it for me.

  18. Bilal. D'Angelo is nice and mellow, but Bilal is pure passion.

  19. I have to give it to D'angelo. I think in this case, less is more. I love me some Bilal, but I feel like he is doing too much. D definitely tears its up, but I like the fact that its a bit more polished

  20. I love D'Angelo and Bilal equally--incredible talents. I'd give this to Bilal just because this is the first time I've heard this version (his take on this song on the EWF "Celebrations" album is the fire), but he lost me when he jacked up the lyrics in the first verse. I'm all for improvising, but this is a classic song, and the lyrics are incredible, and you MUST know the words if you're going to cover it. Don't play with my EWF. But it is a beautiful version. Gotta give it to D, though.

  21. D' was kind of boring and the back up were singer were just blah, My vote is for the funkiest one : Bilal.

  22. Bilal is good but D'angelo is untouchable
    Bilal gets A for effort but he can't compete..don't think the mix of the track did him any favours though.
    This is a great idea by the way comparing two cover versions..will stimulate a lot of debate

  23. It wasn't a hard choice for me at all.
    D'Angelo's version of this song makes me melt .Shivers up my spine .
    Sorry but no comparison.

  24. D'angelo straight up took it home .... there is no comparisson. bilal made his in the shower and the trumpets have too much stacato

  25. Bilal, even though this live is not recorded properly ...

  26. I love both, but I gotta give this one to Bilal. His version is just so raw and visceral. Listen to the part where he says: "You can't pretend there's nothing there!" You can feel the urgency and desperation. Now, that's soul!

  27. This brings me back listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire during drawing class in high school. Both renditions are beautiful in their own right.

  28. Bilal is good , but this track is lacking major shit!! Stop screaming,let it flow, relax a little. Your time is near !! For now, D is the man !!

  29. Archive files won't open, how do we listen to the older songs?


  31. Both say "error opening file" but it's a cool post idea. Thanks