Bounce-Worthy: TK Wonder

Last but not least in our list of Bounce-Worthy femcees is TK Wonder. According to WaPo, her style rests somewhere between "M.I.A. and Flying Lotus." It's an imaginary pedigree that would get anyone to listen, but it's not that simple. And it's her sheer lack of simplicity that will keep you listening a little longer. TK's catchy chants are at once provocative and runway-ready, due to Taylor McFerrin's frenetic beats. If her lyrics are empowering, that's only because she injects them with a little tough love. Check the cautionary "Celebrity" from McFerrin's Broken Vibes EP and her own "Nightwalker." But listen carefully, because she has a penchant for rapping at lightspeed if the track demands it. She recently performed during the DC's Can A Sista Rock A Mic? festival and by all accounts she owned the evening. Also, Trace profiled her in their recent art Issue. Press play for "Nightwalker" from her Electric Baby
sampler and check out a live performance after the bounce.

TK Wonder: "Nightwalker"

TK Wonder [Myspace]

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4 Responses

  1. she was the bomb last week in dc. we should have some video up soon at

  2. I diggit. Please keep us posted, can we buy this yet?

  3. i'm not seeing any fly lo or MIA in here at all. just seems like Salt n Pepa redux. how's about we get a post on the fly lo and jose james collaborations? hmmmmm?

  4. She's one of the slickest Femcees I've ever heard. She can run circles around MIA!


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