Debórah Bond ‘Dreams’ Up A New Video

Recently we've seen artists take it upon themselves to revive previously released material in the hopes of reaching more ears the second time around. Singers D'Angelo and Keyshia Cole immediately come to mind, and now we can add indie soul songstress Debórah Bond to that group.
She just shot a video for the song "See You In My Dreams" and is using the hit track from her 2003 debut album, DayAfter, as a teaser for her new album, which is scheduled to be released in early 2009. That is wonderful news for fans of Bond's brand of sultry soul, and she tells me that the next album will be a creative step up and showcase her signature sound with fresh, unique production featuring her band, Third Logic. I for one can't wait to hear what she has on tap, but in the meantime SoulBounce is proud to present the world premiere of Debórah Bond's "See You In My Dreams" right here, right now.

Debórah Bond
G.Light Films [Official][MySpace]

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7 Responses

  1. This is my favorite song from DayAfter.
    I'M A SUPER DEBO STAN!!! I loveses DeBo!!!
    Make sure you check out that AfterDay remix jont mixed by some dude you might know.

  2. i love this song to this very day! im glad she used the original version for this vid and didnt spice it up cuz it's great as is. i cant wait for her new cd. it's long overdue!

  3. I love hearing this song everytime she performs it. So happy to see this video.

  4. Thats my D'BEEEEEEEZY

  5. Love Deborah-this is still one of my favorite songs!

  6. She has that Brand New Heavies sound to her is she from Europe? I am mos def gonna get familar with this sista

  7. Love the video. I wish it came out when the cd was out. She would have been on top. DEBBIE-I hope you got a new video is the wings when the new stuff drops.


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