Dres Revisits ‘The Choice is Yours’ For Obama

File this one under the "But Of Course Files": Dres of underrated Native Tongues duo Black Sheep has reworked the lyrics of their infamous "The Choice Is Yours" track to show his support for Barack Obama. Remember back when the original dropped, George Bush was in office, we were at war with Iraq and everyone kept using the mantra "Peace In The Middle East" whenever they won an award at an award show? Funny how not much has changed since 1992, huh? In any case, this time, instead of an image of Bush Sr. being ripped down as something we cannot get with, we have images of Obama's adversaries along with a rousing message in support of some much needed change.

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1 Response

  1. Ah, me likes the new flavor Dres is kickin' for Barack.


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