Grace Jones & Amy Winehouse Duet Is Like A Match Made In S&M Dreamland

grace-amy.jpgAs told to UK's Bang Showbiz, Grace Jones has expressed her interest in dueting with Amy Winehouse. Confused yet? Don't be. If there's one thing the oft-tantrumed Jones is famous for, besides being fierce even at 60-years-old, is her random outbursts. And erratic behavior. And interesting choice of haberdashery. Did anyone else truly believe that her role in 1992's Boomerang was not so far fetched? The same woman who once dated Dolph "Ivan Drago" Lundgren, this same woman who still looks as though she could beat him to a pulp while he revels in it, is quite the epitome of sadism, no?

Now onto Amy Winehouse. Poor, pathetic, drug-addled, demon-riddled Amy. Amy quite honestly is not only the epitome of masochism taken to the extremest of extremes, she is simply someone who can. Not. Stop. Even after smoking her way to near-emphysema. Even through how many bouts of rehab? What we have seen in Amy Winehouse, ladies and germs, is the epitome of loss of control.
So, now, let's ponder just how grand a Grace-Amy smashup would be. On the one hand, you have Grace, a woman who was once quoted as saying that she had so much fun at Studio 54 in the '70s that she doesn't remember most of it. And said it with a smile. On the other hand, you have Amy who is starting to resemble the Crypt Keeper more and more each day. How smashing would it be for Grace to teach Amy a thing or two about accepting the worship of fans who love you, get some new teeth, begin eating again, and start filing out those skimpy outfits she loves so much? Methinks it would be better than anything Madonna and Britney could have dreamed up themselves. 
Grace Jones wants to duet with Amy Winehouse [MAC]

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  1. Could care less about Amy, but Grace is fire!