Hip Hop Sites Eerily Silent Over Soulja Boy Slavery Comment

soulja-boy-sunglasses.jpgDespite the melodramatic rollercoaster that has been all of our lives since the Republican Party announced their Vice Presidential running mate, I can honestly say that I have never felt more offended, incensed with anger, and ready to throw 'bows more than what I read regarding Soulja Boy's comments yesterday on how he wished to thank slavemasters for his success in all of his eighteen years on this Earth. He wishes to thank them for his ability to remain ignorant of his own history, ignorant of how many millions of people he has offended, and ignorant of how stupid he will likely feel just five years from now when he realizes what an ass he has made of himself (hopefully). But now I have others in my crosshairs: Hip Hop websites. Those websites who are responsible for the constant barrage of leaks and mostly afterthought mixtapes that inflitrate the internet on a daily basis to the tune of at least 75 posts per day that come across my desk every day, yet so far have been unable to speak on this travesty? I'm not going to call anyone out, but you all know who I'm speaking of, and it's a shame. Props to Hip Hop DX and also to Black Voices and Idolator both of which are not Hip Hop sites in the least for reporting on this. But where's XXL's blog? Where's VIBE's? Where's The Source's??? Oh yeah, that's right. Too busy worrying about the bottom line to remember when your core fan base has been completely disrepected. 


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  1. Self-hatred, ignorance, willy lynch, house negro, are just a few things that come to mind when I read this...
    Then again, you really can't be mad at the youngster. Who was there to instill a sense of pride in his culture & people growing up?, Who was there to instill knowledge of his heritage and past? Absolutely no one, and this is just a result of that. It is a holistic problem that's bigger then most would admit, and we really can't be mad at this cat, not at all.

  2. Preach, ill Mami . Silence is complicity.

  3. maybe certain sites and individuals are being silent because this shit isn't a surprise. i mean, let's face it, is anyone expecting Dr. Cornel (or even Kanye) West--level knowledge out of this punk? not i. he's like the crackhead in the family you kinda ignore and ban from your house.
    additionally, i couldn't really fault a hip-hop website or other publication for failing to comment on what Soulja Boy said, because whether they admit it or not, some of them cover and even help perpetuate so many other coon-tastic goings-on, that perhaps they are playing catch-up on this story.
    we shouldn't even devote any more time to this, or Soulja Boy in general. on the weekend before Election Day, we all have bigger fish to fry. this would be a travesty only if someone of real worth to the hip-hop community had said it. we should be mad if a king uttered it--but it was only a court jester.

  4. Souljah Coon's comments were totally out of pocket, but maybe certain sites aren't touching on it because his comments are just that stupid. With election day coming up, new album releases, and other newsworthy events, who wants to give this ass any attention? Its sort of like when someone makes a bad joke or inane comment, you kind of give them a side eye and continue the conversation as if they never spoke.

  5. I find it hard to believe that suddenly these sites are above posting foolishness. This points to a problem that exists in this generation of Black people were internal oppression engenders apathy rather than accountability. If something equally reprehensible had come out of the mouth of a white person, they would be raising hell right now. But no, when it's one of our own we go into protect-mode. They can simply pass along the news without comment, without taking a position. They chose not to. Keep in mind, these were the same sites that provided a blow-by-blow account of his beef with Ice-T, because I guess it was funny? Again, there's no excuse for this. You can get updates on every bullshit beef, mixtape, and youtube video from all of the usual suspects -- people that we're used to saying ridiculous things. But suddenly Soulja Boy isn't worth the bullet? When they are partly responsible for making this knucklehead famous in the first place? Now there's this "oh he's silly I'm not touching it" attitude? I call b.s. over that entire notion.

  6. I can't wait for this dude to disappear into oblivion.

  7. I don't really know this dude. He's young and that "Soldja Boy" song/dance just wears all over me. Separation of age, I suppose. This young man will fade into obscurity soon enough, I'm afraid. His latest comments have just cemented that position.

  8. It shouldn't come as a surprise there's no coverage. Hiphop magazine's like the one's mentioned will never address issues like this because they're not owned by people of Afrikan descent. And even if there are some on the board, what really runz magazine are the advertisements (how many products are from Black-owned companies?)
    And as far Sunz ignorance? He may never get it. His brand of music showz the level his mentality is on. Knowledge of Self is out here, you just gotta look for it.
    I offer my site, Da Ghetto Tymz magazine as one.

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  11. I just found out about this TODAY, apparently months after the fact. I hate to say it, but maybe nobody made a big deal about it because this idiot's ignorance of history is actually congruent with his fan base. For a perfect example of what I am talking about, look at Meriah Evan's comment. This is just unbelievable. He should be ashamed.


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