It’s a ‘Numbers Game’ to the Thievery Corporation & Chuck Brown

You wouldn't think that Electronica and Go-Go go together, but the Thievery Corporation and Chuck Brown are about to change your mind. Before Wale came along to tear the roof off the sucker, two of DC's most famous musical exports included these acts on opposite ends of the music spectrum. But the Godfather of Go-Go and the DJ duo have teamed up for a track from Thievery Corp's latest album, Radio Retaliation, that sounds like it came off of the soundtrack to a '70s Blaxploitation flick with its wah wah guitars, tight horn section and funky groove. If this one doesn't make you want to don some hot pants, a leather trench or a pair of platform shoes and dress up like Cleopatra Jones or Shaft tonight for Halloween, I don't know what will.
Good looking out to Stone @ The Couch Sessions for the 411 on this one.

Thievery Corporation feat. Chuck Brown: "The Numbers Game"

Thievery Corporation
Chuck Brown [Official][MySpace]
Radio Retaliation [Amazon][iTunes]

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2 Responses

  1. I am a huge TC fan and this is actually one of my fav cuts off the new project.

  2. I am generally a TC fan (love the stuff they've recorded with Notch), but this album didn't hook me. However, it's hard to go wrong with Chuck supplying the vocals.
    Personally, I'd prefer to hear the "official" go-go version of this one. Put some more booty in it for the hometown crew. LOL


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