Jamie Foxx & T.I. Are ‘Just’ Right With New Track

Just the other day, we hipped you to the fact that Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has a new album on deck entitled Man's Intuition, due for release December 16th. The lead single, "Just Like Me," was released to radio this week and I must say, after a few listens, it's grown on me. Like, a lot. The track is co-produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, and features Foxx and my new favorite rapper T.I. owning up to the fact that they may have in fact met their matches--women who are just like them, "all up in the club, poppin' lots of bub." Nice. I really can't wait to see what they come up with when it's time to work around T.I.'s jail sentence make the video. Seriously, though, if urban radio's infatuation with The Dream is any indication, this one is destined to get lots of airplay. Which, for a change, wouldn't be such a bad thing. But that's just me. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Jamie Foxx feat. T.I.: "Just Like Me"

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9 Responses

  1. Nice song. This is what Usher should've come with instead of that wackness.

  2. i think foxx has to take it back to r n b roots, not this up in the clubs poppin bots shit, dudes 42 i think? and has so much soul and talent. needs to drop all these whack producers and redefine the game, cuz he has it in him.

  3. You need to have a battle of the beats thing or whatever you do. Because Usher DID this song and it was unreleased from his "Here I Stand" and it was SO much better on Usher. Jamie ruins this song lacking all of the appeal that usher yielded to this song.

  4. Not feeling this at all.
    I am still upset with Jamie, because I was hoping that he would ride the "Infatuation" (ok, cheesey example) vibe, rather than the "in the club popping dub" that he is doing. I will still be riding that wave of disappointment I see. As for Usher, please not even go there either.

  5. I wasn't diggin' this song too much when Usher did it, but it fits Usher. Ur'sher rode this track with little effort. It's a much better look on him. I think Jamie Foxx can come much better (and more mature) than this...

  6. I liked it better when Usher did it. Jamie is a little to old for this type of song.

  7. Do I hear a bit of autotune? If not, its a bit autotune-esque.... this is one of those songs that you don't have to have any vocal talents to do.I don't like this for Jayme... he can do much much better

  8. GROW UP MAN -
    Jamie is 40 effin' years old and this ni99a tryin to be 25 - get some nuts playa and do some real music. Stop being a follower and be a leader !
    Just cuz Tpain winning with that autotune - u aint gotta go there! Just cuz dream wrote for others and it worked out alright - u aint gotta go there ! Stand up - u unlike most artists have money - so you don't have to do what everybody's doing to try to eat and compete - like I said before - GET SOME NUTS and let em' hang - do some real ish and if it flops - it flops, but u'll have some integrity to go with it and you'll know you did it your way !
    * and definitely don't follow Usher's shh - his album flopped and supposedly it was about him and where he is now being a newly married man and father - Jamie you've been a father for dam near 20 years mane !
    * then you say she's "JUST LIKE YOU* - giving all the dudes hugs ??????? Just what you need when you're already fighting GAY rumors you f**kin' dummy !

  9. That's what I call a song. That's the sex, mane.


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