Join Us Tonight For The BET Hip Hop Awards Live-Blog & Drinking Game!

HHA08_logo.jpgDid you know the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards are airing tonight? Fashizzle! And our lovely Butta is on duty this evening with another one of her rollicking live blogs! Also, what's a BET awards ceremony without a fawty ounce? Or an economy-sized bottle of your favorite dark alcoholic beverage? Oh yes, children, tonight we unveil the First Annual SoulBounce BET Hip Hop Awards Live-Blog Drinking Extravaganza!

  • Swallow a Jello shot every time Lil' Wayne appears onscreen.
  • Chug an entire 12 ounce of Schlitz for every time one of your favorite rappers brings his crew on stage. Chase it with a shot of Patron if absolutely none of the crew is associated with music.
  • Take a little swig for each time the n-word is censored, but keep your bottle handy!
  • For every time revered replacement host T-Pain changes his Mad Hatter hat, DRINK! If it's more ridiculous than the one before it, take two drinks!
  • If there haven't been any women on the screen in five-to-ten minutes, drink!
  • Make snow angels in a pool of Hennessy for each performance that utilizes a vocoder or Auto-Tune!
  • Do a line of cocaine for each time someone mentions Senator Barack Obama but probably isn't registered to vote, OR for every other usage of a double-negative. You will die tonight!

Hit up your local liquor store for your favorite spirits, a bag of pork rinds and a carton of Newports after work, then join us right here at 8 PM EST for what is sure to be the classiest, most swaggerific event for years to come! If you're able to make it to work on time tomorrow then you've won!

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9 Responses

  1. Can i tell ya how much I love ya'll at SB!!!! You introduce me to good music AND keep me cracking up with posts like this. LAWD, I know there be cooning and buffooning abound on BET tonight...I'll try to watch, but i won't be drinking witcha cuz, I'm a lightweight and I'm sure I'd hit my drink limit within the first 10 minutes of foolishness.....

  2. Ya'll are TOO much... and I love it!! =]

  3. This is EVIL..... bar is stocked! LOL

  4. The BET Hip Hop Awards promises to be one coontastical affair.

  5. If I followed ur instructions, I'll be bent up by the second award....


  7. lol... everyone participating should have 911 ready to go on the cell phones.

  8. Ugh. I just found out the T-Pain was hosting. Oh, the coonery.

  9. if i played this game while watching the show, i woulda overdosed like a mug 10 min in.