Maxwell & Swizz Beatz? It Could Happen

Now we will accept the arduous task of constructing Maxwell's first entry into his Black Summers Night trilogy from some recent insights into the Man of Mystery. For the past several years, Maxwell has been "kickin' it" and cutting his hair while the music industry has gone to poo creatively and financially, and young shirtless dancers with recording contracts have been allowed to run amuck. But when you think of that one true maestro that can make the unmentionables melt away in the same fashion as Marvin and Luther, and sell-out a show within minutes, we're pretty sure you aren't thinking of someone that just got his driver's license. Welcome home, Maxwell. But we need to discuss this wacky (or possibly brilliant) idea you have to work with Swizz Beatz.

To his credit, Maxwell isn't known for working with a great deal of extra artists and producers, which has kept his art unfooledaround with. His most notable collaborations are the R. Kelly-produced "Fortunate" and his guestspot on Nas's "No One Else In the Room". But he's going all out for his big return. Let's do a rundown of some of the names that have been dropped:

  • Q-Tip: It would be nice wouldn't it? But this NY Post article only says that he's "bouncing ideas off of him." Hopefully the bouncing becomes producing because with two geniuses in the room you really can't go wrong. And the level of stannery such a collaboration would incur from me would be astronomical.
  • Aretha Franklin: I could totally see them doing a duet... on a Lou Rawls telethon. Aretha is a legend, but the sexy would be disturbed exponentially. Can you imagine relaxing with your boo, getting ready to do the Grown-Up, and then Aretha starts howling? Call Sade, quick!
  • Jazmine Sullivan: She's on his tour. She's got chops. She's new, but her brand of Soul is for the ages. "Lions, Tigers and Bears" can hang with "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever." Play them back-to-back and you'll see what I mean.
  • Leon Ware: Pretty much confirmed. This Yahoo! article says he was involved in "Sumthin' Sumthin'." That boat shant be rocked.
  • Swizz Beatz: Good lawdy, Miss Claudy! Where do I begin? Talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum! I give Swizz his props for making bangers, but I'm pretty sure Maxwell can hit the "clap" button on the drum machine by himself. Is Maxwell trying to send us to the clubs? Or is Swizz trying to send us to the bedroom? Am I an old rich white man with a wife and kids? Is it Opposites Day? What's next? Kenny Lattimore and Manny Fresh?

We have until (maybe) February of next year to hear what Maxwell pulls out of his bag o' tricks. I'm sure it will be quality, no matter what off-the-wall choices he makes. But since he's been known to come across this site, I have to ask: "Swizz Beatz? Really, Maxwell? REALLY?"

A Rejuventated Maxwell Returns After 7-Year Break [Y!]
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5 Responses

  1. Okay...we just need him to come yesterday! Hurry up with it, myane...Your fans are waiting!
    I'll even venture to hear what he and Swiss Beatz could do together...but you're right, NoVa-- don't know what kind of mix he and Aretha could produce together....way down on the sexy meter....

  2. "Is Maxwell trying to send us to the clubs? Or is Swizz trying to send us to the bedroom? Am I an old rich white man with a wife and kids? Is it Opposites Day? What's next? Kenny Lattimore and Manny Fresh?"
    bwahahaha Nova, you crack me up

  3. Don't forget about that track swizz did with angie stone...he co produced wish i didnt miss you...

  4. what what JK, swizz produced that? Thats my jam too! I'm super excited for the trilogy!

  5. I'm all for venturing out and trying new things.I just hope he doesn't mess with the formula too much,as it has proven tried and true.I am a TRUE fan,and will support Max with whatever he decides to do.