M.O.P. Ups The Ante On John Cena Over Nonsensical Word


Know what "BRRR Abado" means? Us neither. Which is why I would love to be a courtroom observer when M.O.P.'s case against WWE wrestler and wanna-be rapper John Cena goes to trial. M.O.P. claims that Cena's entrance song not only sounds too close to their party anthem "Ante Up," but that he used their patented nonsensical babblistic phrase "BRRR Abado." And for all of this, they are seeking $150,000 and the utmost destruction of Cena's song "My Time Is Now." My opinion? This is stupid and no one really cares, except M.O.P who must be really hard pressed for cash to only be asking for $150,000. If they win, that paltry $150,000 will get whittled down to them only having enough for a 12 piece "fried hard." You know what I mean. After the jump, our favorite reappropriation of this song that flooded our inboxes for weeks after its release.

Cena Rumbles With Rappers Over Theme Music [TMZ via IDLTR]

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5 Responses

  1. your a bird, you dont even know enough about m.o.p. to understand what the word means
    anyway, if you sample somebodys music to make a new song you pay

  2. I have attempted to be as kind as I can to commenters who have no respect for the words I take time to write or the message within them. So the niceties end here.
    smiley, regarding your comment, my argument is that M.O.P. should value their intellectual property a bit more and ask for more money instead of asking for a paltry compensation by litigation standards, especially when suing someone who works for an organization that rakes in much dough annually.
    For the record, the next time you wish to criticize me by calling me a "bird," "chickenhead," or something similar, make sure you understand everything written, try to dis me cleverly (which you obviously can't do), and make sure you are grammatically correct. There is nothing worse than a fool who tries to dis and can't spell at the same time.
    And lastly, if you can't something nice, take it somewhere else because I spend too much time doing what I love to put up with immature and ill-placed comments. I could have just called you a trick-ass dick, but I'm too much of a lady to do that.

  3. Yes, yes! Let us remain respectful here
    Anyway the Bert & Ernie > Cena & MOP combined! LOL

  4. Man, that was ill, mami. I have always appreciated a good mix of Urban beats and Muppets. Iono. Lol, but the "fried hard"? Too funny. I gotchu. And don't pay attention to lames. You are too fly for that.