Morning Soul: Life Is

  • Janet's ready to go back on tour after shuffling around the schedule a bit. [E!]
  • All that publicity Estelle got when Atlantic pulled "American Boy" actually stimulated her album sales. [SR]
  • To prepare Jennifer Hudson for her role in The Secret Life of Bees director Gina Prince-Bythewood had her subjected to the overt racism of the film's time-period, including having her called a n----r by a cashier. [BV]
  • Aretha calls Tina Turner's unsavory comments about her a tacky publicity stunt engineered to sell concert tickets. [UT]

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5 Responses

  1. Aretha and Tina beefin'? In their 60's no less. *smdh*
    I wonder if AARP and Ensure will co-sponsor the fight?

  2. HELL Aretha started and Tina just set her over sized ego and ass right. Tina doesn't need help selling tickets unlike ReRe..

  3. Reatha is bugging, she is obviously jealous that at damn near 70 she is still sexier then half the women in show biz, mean while Reatha is approching sumo size, she looks like biggie smalls in a dress. Re-re u too damn old to be starting beef, this shit is ungeard of from artist of her generation. Reatha needs to go on bout her business and be the true lady she is.

  4. It's sad when legends like Retha and Tina are going back and forth. SAD.


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