Morning Soul: You’re A Special Treat

  • 50 Cent proves he can act and the same time! [YT]
  • Even visual artists loathe Kanye West's "lazy" use of Auto-Tune. [NYT]
  • Years after JLo caught flack for saying it, the n-word still flourishes amongst young Afro-Latinos. [VV]
  • Get to know the Sphinx Chamber Orchestra, comprised of teenaged Black and Latino string players, now in its twelfth year. [TB]
  • Why yes, there is a Zydeco version of Will.I.Am's "Yes We Can" sung entirely in French, in case you were wondering. [BNO]
  • Don't forget to enter our contest to Rock the Vote in NYC this Wednesday night. [SB]

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1 Response

  1. I'm be real for a moment on the N-Word, we as black people cant expect any other race to not say the word when we use it like it's our own last name. I mean the word is a like a drug, I use to use it in every sentence, all the time. I am a recovering N-word user:) I grew up around hispanics and to be honest it never offended me when I was younger when they said it. Hell anybody who isnt white is "colored" or at least I use to believe that. I just think we have way too many other problems in our community to worry about one of our Latino brothers or sister saying the N-Word.


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