New Videos From U-N-I, Reef the Lost Cauze, Wordsmith & Murs

Even though it's Monday, I'm gonna pretend like it's Friday and break y'all off with four hip hop videos that surfaced last week that were too nice to not give any shine. Up first is hip hop duo U-N-I with a video that will have you breaking your neck to the song while watching the colorful visuals. Next is Reef the Lost Cauze reppin' Philly with his dope storytelling skills in an equally intriguing video. Coming straight outta Baltimore is Wordsmith with a hot video--and I'm not just saying that because my friends at G.Light Films directed it--featuring even hotter cars. Last up is Murs whose new video finds him fighting his way out of a sticky situation.

U-N-I: "Soul Hop"

Reef the Lost Cauze: "I Wonder"

Wordsmith: "Park & Ride"

Murs: "Can It Be"

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10 Responses

  1. I love this album.. Whats gonna be his next single? i think it should be the one with snoop since fatherhood 2 is coming out next month

  2. Murs' "can it be" video is dope!! love the concept...who directed??

  3. U-N-I 's video is dope! Love the concept of it. Big ups to Tomas whitmore for shooting the vid! keep it up boys!

  4. I love Murs that video is so hype!

  5. can it be!!! i love that song! murs is doin it! hes also in the video for cookie jar by the gym class heroes!

  6. Murs makes great hip hop

  7. Murs video is sick!! ya'll gotta peep the kyte vids he did @ mt. rushmore...funny shit

  8. those are funny! He should really get his face up there on those that would be progress!

  9. what was the dude saying in the kyte video? was he singing? lol

  10. I gotta check out these kyte videos everyone is talkin' about!


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