Pen & Pixel + Hip Hop Thuggery = Jail

lil_flip_cover.jpgWe bloggers like to believe that we are a sophisticated lot. We appreciate Hip Hop in all of its various forms and some of us like to constantly critique our beloved Hip Hop in hopes that it will become something that we can be more proud of. But on the real, we all have a special place in our hearts for thuggery, just as long as it's executed well ("Ain't No Fun" by Snoop Dogg comes to mind). It is for these reasons that it seemed so interesting when the bloggersphere became temporarily enchanted with a website that lists every Pen & Pixel album cover ever made. You remember the bedazzled foolishness that is Pen & Pixel, don't you? 

If not, just glance at the image above. Once this starts to ring a bell, let's remember what types of Hip Hop artists were dying to be Pen & Pixel-ated. If you guessed many people who have done time in prison or are still locked away for such nefarious deeds as shooting a police officer through a door or taping a woman to a chair and burning her alive, then you are correct. Think I'm joking? Just watch the first two minutes of the clip below. 

Every Pen & Pixel cover ever

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5 Responses

  1. hahaha, this brings back memories..

  2. Worst. Album. Covers. Ever.
    Damn them to the corner of hell that they came from.

  3. The best of the bunch of those hideous covers was Juvenile's 400 Degreez cover. It was so overdone, you could see the details within the picture. I didn't know they were still making cover 'art' though. I thought it was a trend that went they way of No Limit Records!

  4. Mixtapes have some of the most hilarious covers ever. Some of the best are the ones that incorporate elements of Back to the Future.

  5. Actually Pen and Pixel Graphics of Houston, Texas produced over 19,000 the list is a little short, but a good sampling!
    The company was producing 1200 covers a year! Kind of scary!