The Reality of Why Keith’s Ex Was Sweating Him

Turns out there is a limit to how much exposure New Jack survivor Keith Sweat wants and needs ... for his family, that is. Less than a month ago, we put you on to the fact that Keith is busy with radio projects, a tour and hawking reality shows as if they're used cars, even going so far as shopping a show for singing group Dru Hill *crossing fingers that happens*. Well, even with all of that, Keith will not allow his children to be pimped in the same manner, telling his ex-wife and star of the new Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, that their two teenage sons couldn't appear on the program. According to a miffed Hartwell, who's now remarried to football player Ed Hartwell, "he didn't sign a waiver," claiming he didn't want the teens to be overexposed. Guess this is where we should play the hypocrisy card, huh? Well, I won't. There's a difference between putting Sisqo (who's track record makes him an entertainer) out there to be gawked at, laughed at and hopefully ridiculed, and putting one's own family in a limelight they just might not be ready to step into. So good for Keith! As for his ex, she went on to sweat her ex, saying that he probably wouldn't have signed the waiver even if it were a "Disney show." Maybe not, but that's OK. As long as he signs off on the Sisqo show when it's time, all is forgiven in my eyes. [SR]

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3 Responses

  1. Not the biggest KS fan, but I do like some of his olides. Hoiwever, he gets some real respect for not wanting to showcase his kids like trophies. They need boudaries...there are way too many exmpales of sploied rich kids out ther (e.g. My Sweet 16) and the Real Housewives show seems really shallow and vapid. So good for him to keeping them out of it.

  2. Good for Keith! The world doesn't need every facet of your personal life as a celeb...

  3. I'm just happy that this season on Real Housewives that they are showing that blacks do have money because all the previous seasons were based on rich white people. Okay I do respect Keith for not wanting his kids apart of that. It's good to create some sense privavcy especially with kids.