Tweet Has a New Release Date? Oh My.

tweet_short.jpgAllegedly the new release date for Tweet's album Love, Tweet is December 9. This comes nearly a full year after the initial promotional push and a sampler of the the album began circulating on the internet. There are even some reviews of the material available online, and the hyped single with T.I. was as befuddling as still calling calling it a rumored collaboration twelve whole months after it was confirmed. Tweet has a fantastic voice, and unless the album has changed drastically enough that the Love, Tweet sampler is obsolete, it will probably be listenable. At this point, who knows. As a part of a new push gearing up toward this new release date, the single "Real Lady" might be making its appearance on the radio. Ostensibly. "Call Me" if it happens. [SR]


2 Responses

  1. Oh, I hope Tweet comes back strong. Her first album was really good. Her second album had som e cuts i liked, but I am hoping this third one is the charm for her.

  2. I have been waiting on this forever... Rochester, NY stand up!!!!
    OK let me calm down... I hope it sticks and that I'm not getting all excited for nothing


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