‘Universal Mind Control’ With Common? I’ll Take Some Of That!

Way back in May when I first heard Common's "Universal Mind Control," I wasn't totally feeling it. There is, however, something to be said for the "MTV phenomenon" whereby a song seems to sound better once the listener can associate images with it. That being said, I am absolutely loving the Hype Williams-directed video for "Universal Mind Control." Not only did they go the futuristic route, including Pharrell Williams being replaced with a robot that somewhat resembles Rosie from The Jetsons, but the video is not awash in oversaturated color pallette so typical of Hype's previous work. So while the summer came and went without Invincible Summer, Universal Mind Control is something we will be willing surrender to once it's released this November.  

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3 Responses

  1. Can't say I'm really feelin' the video. The song is good, but the video has a Kanye-esque stamp written all over it. I so wish Common would just do Common.

  2. I told y'all there'd be dancing robots.
    I was going to crack that "This isn't a hype video? Where's the letterboxing?"... and then showed up half-way through.
    Eh, vid's a bit disappointing even for my sci-loving self. Even Com looks bored at points. But all those ipod-visualization graphics in the vid would look good projected large at a club, so maybe it hits the mark for that demo.

  3. I saw a short clip of the video a few weeks ago and I thought it was gonna be the biz, but after seeing the whole thing, it wass just okay. Like heyhey said, Com looked kinda bored a minute into it and so was I.