Who is the ‘Truth’? Dwele or India.Arie?

dwele_india.arie.JPGToday's battle pits two SoulBounce faves
up against each other in a Neo-Soul Battle Royale. This is Dwele's second time duking it out and India.Arie's first time in the ring, and they are both singing about the truth as it relates to relationships. Dwele's "Truth" is a cut from his commercial debut, Subject. The album version takes almost 30 seconds to get going, but once it starts the head nodding doesn't stop. Dwele sings about the "bare-naked truth" of his lost lady over a sick bassline. Driven by an acoustic guitar, India.Arie's single "The Truth" from her sophomore set Voyage to India is a love letter set to music. She sings lovingly about her man who is the truth and oh-so-real.

So whose song is the truth to you? Dwele's or India.Arie's?

Dwele: "Truth"

India.Arie: "The Truth"

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22 Responses

  1. india's my choice

  2. I'm rocking with India.. Dwele des his thang but this India joint is classic and probably in my top 3 of songs I love by her

  3. DAAAAAAH! This again, is very hard. I will go with India tho! Man. Forgive me Dwele - but she got this!

  4. This is hard. Truly. And while I would normally go with India, Dwele's "Truth" was my jam back in the day.

  5. Gotta go with Dwele!!

  6. India.....Dwele is cool and mellow, but India's is..........

  7. I gotta go with India on this one

  8. Ooo, tough. India barely makes the cut on this one. I couldn't give a logical explanation of why, but she does.

  9. Damn, both of these songs are good, but I'd have to give the edge to India. The transitions alone in this song are what does it for me.

  10. I have to ride wit my boy Dwele......I hate too say it but India is jus too damn happy for me on her 2nd CD.

  11. I have to go with India.

  12. Dwele's version is way better.

  13.'s nice to see that we made the same choice in artist and name, thatchick 😉

  14. I luvvvvvs me some Dwele, but this contest isn't even CLOSE, in my book. My fellow Libra girl India wins this match-up, hands down.
    You can't compare an actual song with movements and transitions to a good groove with mellow vocals on top. Dwele is a master of the head nodda, but you've got to give it up for India with beats and message.

  15. Truthfully, both very good songs! India.arie's gives me an instant smile every time, beautiful song but I gotta go with Dwele on this one. That beat, that bass-line just knocks SO.damn.right!

  16. No competition... India wins every time.

  17. I love Dwele... so I'm going to go with him. However India song is good also.

  18. I like Dwele and all but this was no competition...INDIA has this hands down

  19. Another good battle. I really like most of India's stuff, this song included, especially her simplistic but on point word play. Trouble is Dwele can do that too which is why he's one of my fav's. I gotta go with Dwel cause the bassline and snares start a head nod that India's version can't compare to.

  20. I luv ur songs i can sing 2 i wish i could be a singer to.