Who Would You Rather Do ‘Anything’ With? SWV or Janet?

Perhaps this a little too slow and sexy on a Halloween Friday? But whatevs! I know you've been waiting for this battle, and is it any wonder? There are, at last count, a bazillion songs titled "Anything." So here we are, with two of our favorite acts here at SoulBounce. In one corner we have the extended version of SWV's "Anything" interlude (which later became an enormous, Wu-Tang-featuring, Grandmaster Flash-sampling remix). And in the other, Janet Jackson's "Anything" from The Velvet Rope--the quintessential babymaking joint that somehow managed to surpass "Anytime, Anyplace," a feat I certainly didn't think was possible. Are you banging your head against the keyboard yet? This one is a doozy!

SWV: "Anything" (Extended LP Remix)

Janet Jackson: "Anything"

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28 Responses

  1. Janet of course. Lol, at this point, y'all know I roll with her. SWV is cool, just never been a big fan. Always preferred EV or TLC.-QH

  2. I love the SWV joint, but Janet all day.

  3. Janet all day all nite.

  4. janet for sure, there should be a dj challenge on soulbounce, who can make "love" the best, using all of janets "sexy time" (say like Borat) songs?! which is pretty much 99.9% of her music lately lol, but really, with the right song selection & proper mixology, shoot, tell me that mix wont get a lot of play 😉

  5. I'm feeling that SWV. I've never heard that version.

  6. Lilly, quiet as kept, I did a slow Janet mix a while back and I need to dig it up. It was ridiculous.

  7. Janet's was much better than I anticipated, but that SWV track just brings back too many nice memories.

  8. Thanks for the SWV trip down memory lane; somehow makes me miss the early '90s like only a few songs do.
    Janet is my queen, but SWV gets the vote (for sentimental reasons).
    Speakin' of "Anytime, Anyplace" (particularly the R. Kelly remix), the influence of R. Kelly and Ronald Isley is written all over "Anything." Janet's phrasing in this song is pure Ronald, but "I don't see nothing wro-ong..."

  9. how about that remix of "Anything" with the "Sexual Healing" beat up under it. that was some heat right there.

  10. nOvaMatic, word, ya if u find it, definitely get at me with that mix, i'd love to hear it.

  11. Props for this battle. I tend to sway more towards harmonies especially those of SWV cause Coko could and still can blow, but something about "Ms. Jackson if ya nasty" does it for me. Janet, hands down for this one.

  12. Janet wins!

  13. oh yeah--that's some decent Photoshopping. had me fooled for a sec.

  14. It's all about Janet on this one. Nice battle!

  15. Hands down, Janet wins this one. That song is on a certified "get da draws" mix I gave out as a party favor for one of my sistafriend's bachelorette party. My friends were thanking me for weeks afterwards. LOL

  16. Janet Jackson ALL THE WAY 🙂

  17. I'm also going with SWV, for the memories. It's About Time was my joint! I actually prefer the Anything remix with Wu Tang from the Above the Rim soundtrack. now THAT'S the jam!

  18. i rolls with janet all day. when she does a sex song she does it right and this is just another example. but i still got mad love for SWV.

  19. Janet almost always wins the baby-making song contest! I wonder why a compliation of that hasn't been made yet?

  20. I never heard the extended Anything remix by SWV.First time!But I'm going with SWV.It's About Time was in rotation in my daddy's house so...have to!

  21. There's more nuance and dare I say it, "passion" to Jan's record. SWV is cool but this is Jan's core artistic aesthetic aside from the dance thing and as underappreciated by the general public as it is, no one since Jan has done these bedroom ballads better or more consistently great. Anything is no exception...

  22. " the double,double U to the V"
    Seriously, you could have went with the original version from "Above the Rim" and I'd still pick SWV over Janet. I love Janet, but something about her recent grasps at the fountain of youth have tainted her legacy...

  23. S W V simply because Anything is one the most memorable R&B/Hip Hop joints (depending on shich version youre bopping to) is one of the influential records of the 90s.... A Classic Joint!!!!

  24. It is SWV hands down! That is the best baby making song of the past 10 years.

  25. Janet on GP, but I will say that Anything cut (if it's the slow one i remember) always gets me hotter than hell.

  26. I love me some Janet but I hardly remember her "Anything" song and what I remember about it is that it is one of the few songs I like to skip past when listening to "The Velvet Rope" so I'll def give it up to SWV... their song is classic!

  27. Janet all the way, this is instant get the panties song! Whew the memories.


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