Will the ‘Cadillac Records’ Soundtrack Be a Thrill Ride or Run Out of Gas?


Earlier this week the cover to the soundtrack for Cadillac Records hit the net featuring stars Adrian Brody, Beyoncé and Jeffrey Wright in character. I'll reserve judgment on Beyoncé as Etta James looking simply like Beyoncé in a short blonde wig until I see her performance on film, but I got a feeling. Nonetheless, what really caught my attention about this soundtrack was the tracklisting. As expected, Mrs. Knowles-Carter is a prominent fixture with three songs alongside two tracks from her co-star Mos Def. However, Bey and Black Dante aren't the only stars of the movie to be found singing remakes on the album. Wright, who plays Muddy Waters in the flick, has two songs to his credit listed, which makes my side eye step in the name of love because although he's one of my favorite actors, I've never known him to carry a tune. We'll get to find out if the Cadillac Records soundtrack is worth the gas money when regular and deluxe editions are released on December 2nd, with the film hitting theaters Friday of that week. Check the tracklist for more surprises after the bounce.

Music from the Motion Picture Cadillac Records tracklist:

1.  I'm A
Man (Jeffrey Wright)

2.  At
Last (Beyoncé) 

3.  No Particular
To Go
(Mos Def)

4.  I'm
Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Jeffrey Wright)

5.  Once
In A Lifetime (Beyonce)

6.  Let's
Take A Walk (Raphael Saadiq)

7.  6
O'Clock Blues (Solange)

Nadine (Mos Def)

9.  The
Sound (Mary Mary)

10. Last Night (Little Walter)

11. I'd Rather Go Blind (Beyoncé)

12. My Babe (Columbus Short)

13. Bridging The Gap (Nas featuring Olu Dara)

Music from the Motion Picture Cadillac Records Available on 12/2 [Amazon]

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8 Responses

  1. Alright Solange!
    I love 6 O'clock Blues, I wonder if it's actually in the movie?

  2. hahahahaha at Butta comments. Sidebar: Keyshia Cole looks like Etta James.

  3. for some reason I don't feel like this track list is real...i don't know why...

  4. @MuseSik
    It's real as of yesterday. Got an email straight from the label. If they choose to make any changes to the tracklist moving forward prior to the official release, then that's anther matter.

  5. Y is Slonage on this soundtrack? For someone who wants to beak out of her sisters shadow she certainly is always there it seems..on purpose.

  6. Okay...I had NO desire to see this movie cuz I just can't believe that B can pull it off in any manner at all, not even the singing. (I know she can sing, but her voice is not at all like Etta's in pitch, tone, or whatever...powerful ,but in a different way..not the same richness). However, after just seeing that one of my favorite actors, Jeffery Wright is in it, I'll have to reconsider.
    Now as for the soundtrack...i dunno...i'll have to wait unitl the good folks here at SB drop a few cuts. Although, I can say that I like solange's 6:00 Blues. It's on her album and is really good.

  7. Lol, am I surprised?Nope.

  8. Solange is on the record? LOL GTFOH! Talk about 'not' riding her sister's coattails? C'mon! There are other soulsters with authentic, retro-flavored 60s sound that could've been on this record. LOL. Those Knowles...I tell you SMDH.
    As for the soundtrack. Meh, not interested. As for the movie. Meh, not interested...will most likely RENT IT.