112’s Q Responds To Mike’s Allegations

Since we helped spread the word of 112's Mike alleging the group split because of theft, it is only fair that we post Q. Parker's response. Recently a report surfaced that 112 had indeed broken up (news to us) and the reason behind it was that either Q. or Daron had taken money that belonged to Mike and Slim. "If 112 is broken up, its news to me," Q responded via press release. "We have been doing shows over the last year; as recent as last weekend!"

Again, we cite the importance of phone calls.

Further, Q says, "In regards to the accusations of theft or mishandling of funds, its comes down to something very simple - As recently as last week we went to court about this very topic and I was exonerated. All of the guys from 112 are like my brothers, and I have nothing but love for them. I may not agree with what Mike is saying, but I respect his right to speak his mind."

There are so many conclusions to draw from this, not the least of which is it appears that, on some level, Mike was being truthful. Beyond that, things get a little messy, and since I'm not a detective, I won't go there. But feel free to say what I'm thinking in the comments!

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3 Responses

  1. They performed as recntly as last weekend??? seems as if Mike forgot to mention that as well as going to court. Dude seems susepct as hell now, as for Q he seems like a stand up cat. That mean green will tear families apart.

  2. Well if that aint a round about answer I dont know what is.. Kinda makes me lose a little bit of respect for him in that regard. Daron was always my fav anyway

  3. A hit dog will holla!! He's the first to come out and say anything about Mike's statement. I think he's the one who took it. Why would Mike say someone took money from him. That's a very serious crime so to have it put in black and white for the world to see makes me believe it really did happen. Q you are guilty dude so don't try and cover it up man.