Bounce-Worthy: The Revelations feat. Tré Williams

If you're anything like us here at SoulBounce and wince each time a so-called soul singer surfaces with all the depth of a paper plate, you'll be happy to know that a new, true soul singer has emerged in the form of the Dirty South's Tré Williams and his band, The Revelations. Indeed, in this age of Auto-Tune and teenage whines, thankfully there's none of that once Tré opens his mouth and struts his stuff. Just a raw passion that will remind you of artists of yesteryear like David Ruffin, except without the reincarnated '60s stylings that have infiltrated soul music lately. With the release next week of their new EP, Deep Soul, The Revelations are out to prove that live instrumentation is, well, alive and kicking, with no need for rap solos or machine-altered vocals. The band, made up of a veritable who's who of musicians, include guitarist Wes Mingus (Bilal, Leela James), drummer Gintas Janusonis (Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis), bassist Josh Werner (Matisyahu, Sly and Robbie), keyboardist Borahm Lee (Wyclef, Lauryn Hill) and legendary arranger and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Adams (Herbie Mann, Eddie Kendricks, The Main Ingredient, Black Ivory). And as a bonus, the co-lyricist of the crew is none other than former Roc-a-fella Records protegé Rell. (I know you were wondering where he's been. Wonder no more.)

The lead single from Deep Soul is the Southern-fried, slowed down "I Don't Want to Know," which finds Tré letting anyone who will listen know that whatever his girl may be doing on the side, they need not tell him. He's good. 
The album drops this coming Tuesday, November 18th on Decision Records / Traffic Entertainment and the band will be appearing the following night, November 19th, at SOB's Sol Village. For now, take a listen to this Bounce-Worthy track, and then, after the bounce, check out the live version.

The Revelations feat. Tré Williams: "I Don't Want to Know"

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8 Responses

  1. i'm CHECKING for this.

  2. the song is cool, he sounds a lot like Anthony Hamilton.

  3. A lot like Anthony? hell I thought this was Anthony Hamilton:)

  4. He does sound like Anthony Hamilton. This is the kind of soul I been waiting for? I'm surely go to check this group out Tuesday. Let's keep true soul music alive.

  5. Lov this! That boy can sing and the band is the best I've heard in a long time. I WANT MORE!

  6. Like everyone else is saying, when I first heard Tre on Nas's 'Hip Hop is Dead' album I thought it ‹em›was‹/em› Anthony Hamilton. His vocals on that Nas track were dope! Then a track by Tre featuring Nas emerged called 'I See You Coming' and he didn't sound like Ant at all to me. Either way I can't wait to hear more of him!

  7. they'll be in brooklyn tomorrow. check out their myspace page.

  8. I saw them last month when they came through Frank's Lounge and they left the damn place smoking!!! I wrote a review for which will soon be posted.
    If you get a chance, check them out. You are most def missing out if you don't.