Common Is ‘Punch Drunk’ In Love

common-twitter.jpgNow that we're all heavy with anticipation for Common's new dance record (sort of), Universal Mind Control, let's get our bump on, shall we? "Punch Drunk Love" features The Neptunes on production with Com's ever faithful wingman Kanye West providing some sprinkles on top of some lackluster rhymes. To be fair, "I make you hot, baby/ I know your spot, baby" is not incredibly ingenious, nor is Kanye repeating "I already know I'm too fly" all throughout. And we shouldn't expect anymore since this is Common's foray into the land of fun on the dance floor. But once the meh-inducing rhyming stops, The Neptunes take over and lace this track with some vocoder love that our Auto-Tuned ears can actually appreciate. So much so that it's actually the anticipation of this part of the song that provides the ability to get through a second listening of it. The song's not horrible, just not exactly single material. It is, however, great for being played in the background when you're otherwise occupied.

Common feat. Kanye West: "Punch Drunk Love"

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7 Responses

  1. between him and Kanye I dont know who is more metrosexual or which one is going through a midlife crisis.........All I know is the music (I use that term loosely) is horrible, I mean absolutely terrible. Cant front, I dont see myself buying either of these albums, I will go so far out as to say these will be their least selling albums by far.

  2. LWFC was the last Common cd I anticipated. None of these leaks are changing that so far.

  3. I can't lie, im feeling it!

  4. I heard this song live and have wanted ever since, Common's new music is growing on me but Kanye's....not so much.

  5. wow, I'm totally not looking forward to Com's new album. This is tragic at best.

  6. Oh noes. Might have been in the minority diggin UMC's title track, but this one I am not feeling at all. Might not pick up Com's album this time around.


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