Does This Mean They’ll Do A Song Together?

You know what? I think I may actually go out and buy the December issue of Sister 2 Sister, because my girl Faith Evans is on the cover and she's talking about Lil' Kim. Only this time, she has nothing but kind things to say. Word to maturity! Noteworthy items are that she [1] doesn't feel that Kim owes her an apology for the affair. Time heals all wounds, but the rationalization here goes a step further. [2] Faith is proud of Kim's involvement in Notorious film. And [3] She actually considered visiting Kim while she was in prisoned, and probably not to gloat. Apart from all that, how dope would it be if some enterprising individual (clearly not Puffy) was able to get these two on the same track? I mean, since they are maybe cool and all, it might be worth considering. I'm giving away these ideas for free! [YAZ]

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4 Responses

  1. i loved that article--i read it yesterday at Borders.

  2. Faith is so dope for that! (yes I went back with that) I just finish reading her Keep The Faith memoir ,and after all the stufff she's been through with Kim, for her to just cast it all aside is truly inspiration. Do you thang girl!

  3. Faith, we are all waiting for you to come back... U can't be touched. And, personally I can do without a lil'kim collabo... I think of better more interesting people for you to work with.

  4. Awww man, if kim and faith collabo'd that woudl be great! but then getting the right producer in to work the magic is the next step 🙂