Obama Inauguration To Be A Star-Studded (Pop) Event?

Remember last week when we asked who should perform at Barack Obama's inauguration and we (along with our commenters) kicked around names like Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Seal and Alicia Keys? Ha! The jokes on us if recent rumors are to be believed. How would you feel about Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Leona Lewis and Diddy? If you're anything like me you're thinking "Hmm, I didn't know a 12-year-old was being sworn in." No offense to the artists mentioned (Mary J. is somewhere in there, too), but does this really need to become the AMAs? Ultimately, it doesn't really matter who performs (his win is historic enough) but the mere suggestion of this makes me die inside. It's like high school all over again. [NYDN]

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  1. The singers should be REAL SOUL singers. The mere of this suggestion ALSO makes me die on the inside just a little bit. *sigh* WTF would Diddy do anyway? Dance around? *shaking my head*

  2. NO!! It does matter.
    I pray, ( and I mean real down on your knees praying in a closed room with tongues and erythang!!) that this is a rumor.
    Hopefully they are invited guests. They do represent a set of those who worked hard to support the campaign.

  3. And Helllllo? Leona Lewis? Not American. Okeedokeeee?

  4. I'm thinking these are invited guests not necessarily performers. I would think that considering the type of dignitaries and political elitists that get invited to the inauguration...they would want a more broad type of entertainment(i.e. Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, EW&F, etc.)

  5. ...and Beyonce? No. Alicia Keys. Yes.

  6. I'm sure they're just invited guests...I know Obama won't have Jay-Z spit a few bars at the inauguration (maybe the after-party, but not the main deal--LOL). I am holding on to HOPE that he will have something classy like Kathleen Battle or another Black opera singer. Actually, I'm pretty confident that he'll take the classy route, since that's how he's maintained his entire campaign. He wouldn't go out like this for the culmination of everything.

  7. I swear black folk are the hardest to please! if Obama had invited all white acts he would have come across as stuck up and "anti-rap" I say let the brother invite whoever the hell his camp wants, be it Al Green or KC and the sunshine band:) Damn let the brother breathe, he has enough stuff on his plate to to worry about offending us colored folk by his musical taste:)

  8. Kathleen Battle would be an interesting choice. Ms. Battle is my favorite female singer, but I think her weight gain (or something else) has affected her voice. I saw her live in concert last year and she was good, but not great! Nevertheless, even on her off days she's better than most. I'd prefer her over Jessye Norman anyday.

  9. @stoney: you know what else "black folk" do? compare one thing to its extreme opposite in order to make it seem more tolerable. 🙂

  10. I hope their alleged performances are some kind of joke. Obama and Michelle are grown and in the Global arena now. This is about America putting its best image forward.
    Sasha Fierce, Hov and Leona ain't cuttin' it.

  11. lol and cosigning with nova...that extreme mess is not the business.
    I think those have to be just rumors. Barack knows better than to allow something like that come to fruition. Plus, he's not a college student...he's a grown azz man, former Senator, current President Elect. He knows better and I'mma just leave it at that.

  12. Jesus, be a fence around this inauguration. Amen.

  13. Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, and Alicia Keys, I cann definitely see these three singing. Seal, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Leona Lewis and Diddy, NOT. I am looking forward to watching the entire inauguration and I am not looking forward to watching the second group of singers.

  14. Hoodedmonk, you are the BOMB! had me laughing so hard, with a pretty grin on my face...thanks. And I feel you, 100%, because I'm thinking about reaching for my anointing oil.
    This cannot be true, if it is what can I do? I am mad as H-E-double hockey sticks, but what can i do?
    Before this goes any further, they need to put an end to these rumors and just introduce a new era in WORLD history with like-minded individuals. Seriously, we all know that hip-hop would be innappropriate, just as much as ska or punk rock or just mere POP would be innappropriate. This is the President, we gotta remember that and in any country introducing any government official or chief, or elder or dignatary, it would not be proper or right to do it with performers like Beyonce or Jay-Z

  15. hoodedmonk...the High School comment definitely holds merit haha

  16. Beyonce put her bid to perform days after the election, which I thought was extremely uncooth. I completely agree that anybody on Billboards top 100 or anyone who performed at any of the recent award shows (AMAs, MTV, etc) should not even be considered. Let's keep it classy. We don't want to look back at this historic event in 20 years and see that mess for the presidental inauguration.

  17. I think president elect Barack Obama should have peform at the presidental inauguration is stevie wonder alicia keys and Jennifer hudson she peform at the Democratic Convention beyonce should not peform at the inauguration she didnt peform at the convention and does nothng for the black community

  18. LOOOOL you guys make my day, these comments were too funny..especially nOvaMatic and 'Jesus be a fence around this inaugaration..' ahahahahahaa