Morning Soul: Fight The Powers That Be

  • David Banner
    waxes intelligent about the Presidential election. [VIBE]
  • Kelly Rowland insists on still releasing albums. We'll keep ignoring them. [RNBMB]
  • Newlywed Ruben Studdard met his wife in Wal-Mart between the Pringles and Nilla Wafers. [RG101]
  • Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were remembered in a public memorial service yesterday and will be laid to rest today. [PEOPLE]
  • Speaking of JHud, her fiancee David "Punk" Otunga is in training to become a pro wrestler. I wish I were making that up. [OGG]
  • There's still time to win tickets to see Anthony David in NYC this Wednesday. [SB]

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2 Responses

  1. Wrestling worked out well for 'The Rock'...and Punk does have that whole 'eyebrow' thing going 😉 LOL
    I still say a prayer for JHud and family. God bless her. Still hadn't bought her album yet, but I plan to.
    I love David Banner. I'm not wholly familiar with his music, but there's just something about him that I find...intriguing.
    Kelly Rowland still pushing, eh? I think her European fans love her more than over here. Good luck to her.

  2. Hold on, Punk is trying his hand at wrestling? Doesn't he have a law degree? What the f*ck is he thinking?