NPR Shows The Foreign Exchange’s ‘House Of Cards’ Some Love

Congratulations are in order for The Foreign Exchange whose "House of Cards" was chosen as NPR's Song of the Day today. "House of Cards" is but one of an album's worth of fine, noteworthy songs from the ridiculously good Leave It All Behind. Writer John Murph calls the song "sensual but scalding," which is an apropos description of the sublime tune. I applaud NPR for branching out and covering the wide spectrum music with their Song of the Day series and including The Foreign Exchange. I'm just going to ignore the smattering of obviously deaf and daft commenters over there and wrap myself up in the warm memories I have of recently seeing this song performed live. And since sharing is caring, here is the video that I shot of The Foreign Exchange featuring Muhsinah and Yahzarah performing "House of Cards" and some other gems after the bounce.

Phonte gives a live relationship seminar to the audience.

Then it was time to kick off our shoes and take off the blues.

After we two-stepped, it was time to slow it down to the ethereal "Daykeeper."

The Foreign Exchange live is "Something to Behold," indeed. 12 piece, fried hard. You better ask somebody.

Phonte is bringing back New Jack Swing one Keith Sweat record at a time. Stick around for the dance break with Zo!

For more videos from The Foreign Exchange's DC concert, click here.

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5 Responses

  1. Damn is Phonte on the Rubben Studdard diet or what? I guess kid is living good:) I always knew he would blow up but I meant career wise:) Phonte stop eating them Luther Vandross burgers, we dont need another brother dropping dead from weight related issues. In the meantime keep dropping that real hip hop.

  2. If someone said they were removing my whole music collection for 12 months and i could only keep one album, it would be this.
    Im not saying it's the best album ever, but it's definitely the one i'm feeling most at the moment. The combination of artists featured is not only top-class (when taken on an individual level) but they work together oh so well on the albums songs.
    Standouts: Something To Behold & Valediction

  3. WOW Butta! Thank you for throwing these performances up!
    I am diggin' Muhsinah hardcore, I need more of her. Something about her tone and phrasing... Purple St. James: always a favorite, Phonte: one of my all-time favorite rhyme-spitters steadily becoming one of my favorite ARTists.

  4. I was at this show, it was great and I can't wait to see them again!

  5. I Was at this show... and it was GREAT... 10x better to see it live!


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