Obama Not Pro-Hip Hop? We Beg To Differ.

Barack_Obama_smile.jpgYesterday on XXL's blog, an item was posted entitled "Barack Obama Still Gots No Love For Hip-Hop?" In it, blogger Ron Mexico makes the case that Obama served some of Hip Hop's elite the ultimate dis by not allowing them a close and personal meeting with the now 44th President of The United States. The issue, per the author, is that Obama's people's refusal to allow Jay-Z and Diddy a chance to congratulate the President-elect reeked of ingratitude from the Hip Hop community, a community for whom songs inspired by Obama are still being produced on a daily basis, maybe even now more than ever. 

But let's be real and think about this like rational beings. Was this really a dis?

Using Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey as examples of people who were in attendance at Grant Park for Obama's victory speech, the argument is made that if they could be in attendance, then why couldn't Jay-Z and Diddy at least shake the man's hand to congratulate him? 

For starters, Jesse Jackson, creepy testicle reference notwithstanding, once ran for the very position that Obama now holds. Oprah Winfrey, queen of all media, raised countless of dollars and campaigned for Obama. They are, good or bad, cultural icons that span generations. Jay-Z and Diddy? Not so much. Secondly, the author writes,

I see how it is. Rapsters can campaign for a [Obama], but they can't sit at the celebration table. I'll remember that next time I throw my endorsement behind a candidate in the future. I don't know about Diddy and Puffy, but I'll be the nigga making a scene at the door like Keyshia Cole's moms.

And herein lies the problem. This is not 125th Street on a Friday night after Showtime At The Apollo let out. This is not the time for stepping up with your boo to a hand-painted backdrop to pose for a $10 Polaroid. What happened on Tuesday resonated from Japan to Jakarta, from Boise to Brazil. Maybe Obama's spokespeople just wanted to ensure that brotherman was able to finally spend time with his wife and daughters whom he had been largely separated from for the past two years. Maybe the orders were to "protect the sleep" instead of "protecting the sexy." It's time to step up to the plate, people. And that plate's name is "class." Let's all remember what it is like how our mothers (except Keyshia Cole's) taught us and be give ourselves and others the respect that we deserve.

Let's protect the classy.
Barack Obama Still Gots No Love For Hip-Hop? [XXL]

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  1. I just want to thank you for writing this. I love my hip-hop community but sometimes we have to realize that yes somethings are bigger than us! Let the ego's go and lets just bask in this glory

  2. Why does Barack need to validate Hip-Hop? This is what has irritated me the most during the course of his campaign, the Hip-Hop community and media's insistance upon insinuating themselves into this movement and trying to hijack it. Newsflash: Not all Americans give a damn about Hip-Hop; not all Black folks give a damn about Hip-Hop. There are many of us that love Hip-Hop and cannot stand Diddy, Jay-Z, Luda and everyone else that suddenly wants to "stand up" and be righteous. This is about our nation moving forward and out of these rough times. Arguing about whether or not this man approves of Hip-Hop or certain artists or his willingness to "allow them to attend" any event is stupid. Dude needs to get a clue.

  3. I 100% agree with nOva.

  4. Here, here, nOva!

  5. see, this is why i don't really fugg with the bloggers on XXL. bunch of man-child, hatin'-ass lames.

  6. Ron Mexico put his porch monkey logic on full display with that ignorant screed.

  7. @ Ron Mexico
    "I'll be the nigga making a scene at the door like Keyshia Cole's moms."
    And you'll be the only nigga sitting in Guantanamo Bay.

  8. Also sidebar XXL, ya'll been co-signing on some questionable retrograde counterproductive shit, when it comes to some of the messages some of the artist you give accolades to. More pointedly ya'll promote some really irresponsible journalism with pieces like "Is Barack Obama gay?" yet the moment a black man gets in office you suddenly want to bump to the front of the line like you consistently been on some progressive political mission "Harry Belafonte/Mandela" shit? Psch! "NEGRO PLEASE!

  9. Ron Mexico;
    You should be doing porn 'cuz you are most definitely the biggest d*ck in existence.
    I'm curious, sir - Who tha F*CK do you think you are?
    Fa real.

  10. Like the president is going to co-sign on all that gun-totin', drug-sellin', weed-smokin', head-bustin', hoe-bangin', alcohol-chuggin....
    Need I say more?
    Maybe if hip-hop cleaned up, he'd holla.

  11. It is also worth pointing out that several of the rap artists that have been at the forefront of Obamamania are nowhere near as creatively progressive as Obama is politically and socially progressive. When I think of many of these artists, I don't think of folks that are attempting to move the culture or the genre foward. Many of them have sacrificed musicality on the alter of "cheddar".
    I hope their taxes go up first.

  12. I really couldn't understand why Diddy, MJB, and Jay were asked to stay away. In the days prior to Election Day Diddy, Jay, Russell Simmons, MJB, & Kevin Liles campaigned for Obama. In all fairness, Team Obama also asked Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Ben Affleck to stay away. An inside source told the media “There really only needs to be one star in Grant Park, and that’s Barack." But Oprah, Spike Lee & Kerry Washington were at Grant Park. I don't think that Jay, Diddy, or Mary would have been a distraction. Tuesday night was bigger than Jay, Diddy, Mary, and Oprah. It was all about OBAMA.

  13. As much as I would've luved to see Barack with someone reppin' Hiphop (preferably someone more representative of the Art, like Afrika Bambatta or KRS-One), it was smart not to.
    As far as Jesse? Read this piece: Fakin' Jack(son)
    And this one on Barack:
    From the Plantation 2 the Bighouse


  14. Well said, ill Mami. Here, here. ::raises champagne flute::

  15. I agree....they wanted the spot light to be on the man...the world was celbrating Obama not just us...Jay and DIddy wil get there chance im certain at the inauguration to meet and greet...Diddy prolly already got an afterparty planned out....

  16. if common, kanye, or wanted to go im sure it would not be a problem. jayz and diddy represent the most shiftless, useless, and, worst parts of hip hop. if obama needs advice on disrespected females, gun toting, and drug running im sure he will hit them up. also jayz ran def jam into the ground and obama would not fare well getting economic advise of jigga

  17. The LoveHater,
    My hats off to you. I couldn't have said it better.

  18. This isn't about hip-hop. What this is about is a lot of members of the black community feel a certain connection with Obama and a fondness for seeing them represented in the white house. But they forget the man's position. As president he is not supposed to show any leanings to one group or another... black, white, hip-hop heads or otherwise. Obama is not going to run out and stand grasping shoulders with just anyone because of the messages it may send to the greater public. It would be the same for a white man or anyone in that position. I'm a bit angry because that mag (known for putting thr WORST representatives in black culture on their cover including video hoes) has no right to presume just because Obama is black he automatically supports any specific cause. None of us should make that assumption. If black people want to do their part in all this, then conduct yourselves accordingly because our biggest role model is now leader of the free world. He is educated, well spoken, well informed and not simply using his skin colour to dictate his lifestyle.
    Diddy and Jay-Z were doing nothing more than looking for a photo-op. Hell, one of my best friends is an artist wo raised $30k herself for the campaign and she didn't make this kind of stick as if she were entitled to meet the man and shake his hand. President Obama is going to get it from both sides it seems black and white and I for one will not be a part of it. Country music stars weren't falling over themseles to meet Bush or shake his hand some come on already!

  19. I heard about this on the radio when it went down. The reporter even said that Obama asked the hip hop artist to wait until the Inauguration! That's exactly why I don't read XXL magazine!! Get yo' facts striaght people!

  20. @ The LoveHater, GinaRae, Rif Raf
    Really ! I mean since when did Diddy and Jay Z become poster children for ignorance? They have both been very political and were very active in the campaign and getting people out to vote. and neither of them complained about not being there.
    Ron Mexico has a right to his opinion and just because one of us has finally made it doesn't mean its time to not question things that bother some of us. Thats the mind policing that people voted to stop.
    This is a time for us to start fixing things not keep the hater loop going. One man hates so we hate on him then he hates back yep that will show em

  21. And this XXL article did something to stop the "hater loop"?? True everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't see how this ill-written excuse for an op-ed (or whatever it was) took a step in the right direction. I mean, did we all miss something? He hasn't even been inaugurated yet and already folks are complaining? geez.
    "I'll be the nigga making a scene at the door like Keyshia Cole's moms."
    --Ummm yeah, and above all things this is NOT the time for coonery.

  22. I'm tired of hearing about Obama + Hip-Hop.
    Obama = President
    NOT Obama = Hip-hop
    Bottom line.
    Let that man do his job as President. PERIOD.
    Sidenote: XXL i s wack, just like all other hip-hop mags these days. So...

  23. Im tired of hearing about obama and his change as someone once said THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY REMAIN THE SAME Nothings going to change in the DISTRICT of CRINIMALS


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