‘R U Listenin’ Because Illa J Is ‘Here’

We previously mentioned that Illa J was picking up the torch left behind by his late brother J Dilla
with the new release Yancey Boys. The album is now available and hot on its heels are not one but two new videos for the previously released singles "R U Listenin'" with Guilty Simpson and "We Here." The video for the latter track features Illa as both waiter and performer at some fancy schmancy party while the former video takes us to a combination cipher and house party complete with red plastic cups. Admittedly, they could have rolled these two songs into one video, especially since the video for "R U Listenin'" picks up where the clip for "We Here" ends and neither are particularly compelling, but we have a double dose instead.
Enjoy. Or not.

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5 Responses

  1. That Illa J cd is tight! I've been banging that cut he has with Affion Crockett for weeks. I keep that joint on rotation!

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