Robin Thicke’s New Video Is ‘The Sweetest’

It sure did take long enough for a video to Robin Thicke's "The Sweetest Love," the second single from his latest album, to be made, but after watching this I'm sure people won't complain.
Well, at least the fellas won't have anything bad to say as the eye candy quotient is mighty high in this clip courtesy of Victoria's Secret model, Jessica White, who plays the female lead and is dressed for the majority of the video in only a sheet covering her naughty bits. In the black and white video, Robin and Jessica do like lovers do--they kiss, they caress and all that juicy stuff. These visuals are a nice complement to the song.

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4 Responses

  1. I'm surprised his wife wasn't in this video...

  2. @Bree: I'm shocked too. I just knew Paula would be in that video.

  3. Who would think Allan Thicke's son would have such a sweet tooth for chocolate? I appreciate his keeping the sisters employed. Terri Vaughn was just griping about the lack of roles for sisters.

  4. Pretty girl, but she needs to go on the steak-n-milk Avant diet. Yeah it is nice to see more black women on the tube with a variety of skin tones. But outside of videos, there really aren't roles for actual actresses. Doing a music video doesn't always qualify one to an actress...despite what LisaRaye MIsick and Beyonce would like us to believe! LOL.