Shakir Stewart (1974-2008)

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  1. I heard about his passing over the weekend. Was he battling depression?

  2. @soulrific
    I wouldn't be suprised if he was indeed fighting depression. That goes with the entertainment business. And he must have been under a lot of pressure to deliver. Pobrecito. I hope that his family and friends will heal with time.

  3. God bless his family and may his soul find eternal peace. Instead of asking why, lets just pray for his family.

  4. Avatar

    Man he did a lot by age 33 sad.
    Depression is something that strikes a lot of minorities but we are less likely to pursue treatment or admit to it. Not saying we should turn into "Prozac poppers like others have But there is a lot of stigma in the black community when it comes to depression.

  5. Even people who have it all in a material wise way still get depressed with life. Especially with the way the world is, and the pressure that is put on one in the business of music. May God be with his family members.