Teisha Marie Is Positively Divine On ‘K.O.N.’

teisha_marie_addicted_to_life_lp.jpgWe love it when our Bounce-Worthy artists keep making music and strides. The latest artist to make it do what it do is Teisha Marie, who was one of our first BW features last year. At that time she had just released a seven-song EP that introduced people to her brand of jazzy soul and now she returns with her first full-length release, Addicted to Life - The LP. Teisha has grown as an artist and performer and this progression can be heard on her new CD, which was released last week. One of the cuts from Addicted to Life is the acoustic guitar driven "K.O.N." Ms. Marie sings about a "king of negativity" on the stripped down track that we can all relate to. Although she may be singing about a man who we would never want to deal with (but probably have), her sweet voice carries the song. Check out the tune below, examine the tracklist after the bounce, and then hop on over to CD Baby to add Teisha Marie to your collection.

Teisha Marie: "K.O.N."

Addicted to Life - The LP tracklist:

1. Addiction - the definition

2. Addicted to Life

3. Unscripted

4. Txt Msg

5. Awaken

6. Open

7. Temporary

8. Economics

9. Professional Liar

10. Inner Truth

11. KON

12. Unavailable

13. Legacy

14. More Important

Teisha Marie [Official][MySpace]
Addicted to Life - The LP [CD Baby]

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  1. wow...finally...someone i actually like. thanks for sharing.


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