‘Terror’ & ‘Riot’ Become Hezekiah & Pharoahe Monch

We know you're still walking on sunshine and rainbows, consumed with the impending change that will take place as soon as President Obama is sworn into office in January, but let's not forget about the evil and ills that got us to this necessary place in history. It was recently suggested that Pharoahe Monch's remake of Public Enemy's "Welcome To The Terrordome" video from his album Desire looked a lot like video from lesser known Philadephia-area rapper, Hezekiah. That person may be onto something since Hezekiah's video for "I Predict A Riot" was released one year ago. So while Pharoahe may have wanted to capitalize on the anxiety before the election to release his video for "Terrordome," perhaps Hezekiah was onto something and was using his "Riot" video to warn us of the absolute craziness of this past election season. Who knows, but take a gander at them both below and after the bounce and decide for yourself.

Hezekiah feat. Keziah Eshon Burgundy: "I Predict A Riot"  

Pharoahe Monch: "Welcome To The Terrordome"

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